Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - September 14, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
September 14, 2008

Chris Matthews: how did Palin do?

Whitaker: she crammed for that exam and it was awesome!

Katty Kay: she repeated lines over and over and I think Palin supporters will be very impressed

Pat Healy: it's like you cloned Bush and gave him another X chromosome!

Matthews: we can all agree that you can't be seen as going after a woman

Cynthia Tucker: i hate Joe Biden for rolling his eyes at this stupid woman

Whitaker: the GOP always knew or at least hope this would be a close election

Tweety: Obama is black and he can't fight back or he will be Malcolm X all over again

Tucker: Obama is at a disadvantage because he has scruples and McCain does not

Tweety: good point

Tweety: Elvis and Otis Redding had lunch together this week

Healy: Bill told Barack to show some passion

Tweety: how do you know that

Healy: my magic pundit hat

Tweety: wow

Kay: when obama complains about trivialization of the media it sounds like whining

Kay: Obama had a bad -- week Fannie Mae collapsed, Iraq is failing, Afghanistan is in chaos, and we are talking about lipstick and pig

Tweety: how did that happen

Kay: it's like magic

Tucker: somehow McCain magically sets the agenda - its amazing

Kay: working women in America realize that raising 5 kids takes some time and efforts but VP doesn't

Tucker: no one would ever ask a man that question so i say go sarah palin - although it's a double edge sword cause now all bosses will say hey if Palin can do it all so can you

Tweety: speak for hillary Patrick - go!

Healy: Hillary’s fans were hard core autograph seekers whereas Palin gets solid working people

Tweety: c'mon she's going to have a big staff like me

Whitaker: tough men love Palin

Kay: is Todd a real man?

Tweety: wait til he snowmobiles down Pennsylvania avenue i may have an orgasm just thinking about it!!

Kay: Obama is terrified of talking about race or else people will realize he's black

Whitaker: 4 million people in foreclosure - let's talk about pigs & lipstick

Tucker: Palin raised taxes

Healy: a lot of concern trolls are very concerned

Tweety: Rocky III!! Eye of the Tiger!!

Obama: McCain should stop lying

McCain: i had to lie because Obama wouldn't have town hall meetings with me

Matthews: who wins their debates

Kay: Obama - he’s better looking than McCain

Whitaker: McCain has raised expectations too high - people actually expect him to stay awake through the whole debate

Tucker: Obama has to learn to be strong and wrong

Healy: Palin has been like a shot of penicillin in the arm for Republicans

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