Monday, September 01, 2008

Maria Bartiromo interview with Sarah Palin - August 31, 2008

Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo
Guest: Gov. Sarah Palin
August 31, 2008

Bartiromo: Do you want to be vice president?

Palin: well i rule a large and sprawling empire now so i don't know - it might be a step down

Bartiromo: so how do you decide?

Palin: i'm a mom and my 19 year-old son is going to Iraq in a war over oil which he wouldn't have to do if we drilled in in ANWR

Bartiromo: So why can't we fucking drill in ANWR already!!!!

Palin: oh people see the moose and bears on tv but that's not ANWR - it's really a very ugly place

Bartiromo: If ANWR is so small why not drill somewhere else?

Palin: hey we are at war over taking Saddam's oil - we've GOT to drill there here and everywhere

Bartiromo: sounds great!

Palin: wait there's more! the caribou love the pipeline - if Biden had his way the caribous would have no where to masturbate

artiromo: people accuse you of wanting to drill drill drill

Palin: well i do want to drill drill drill drill

Bartiromo: what else

Palin: we really need wind solar and geothermal

Bartiromo: mostly dems want to do that

Palin: well then that's very naïve

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