Wednesday, September 03, 2008

GOP Convention Liveblogging Part II - Sept. 2, 2008

Mark Shields: McCain choosing Palin was the worst decision since McGovern running with McMurphy

David Books: so she once put metal in the plastic recycling bin so what

Shields: also her insanity

Lehrer: who the fuck chose Quayle

Bobo: this is completely different Quayle embarrassed the HW Bush ticket - Palin is really different

Shields: heh heh let me tell something Palin makes Quayle look like Dwight Fucking Eisenhower

Shields: they have been very smart and put Palin in hiding

Bobo: if she gives a good scripted speech that will prove she has no ethics problems or is not insane

Shields: what is the difference between her and a pit bull?

Bobo: size of the litter?

Ifill: say something nice about McStupid

Kyl: he's tremendously interesting

Ifill: is he really a maverick?

Republican operative: yes he is

Ifill: well that's settled then

Kyl: he is so fucking mavericky

Ifill: wow suddenly i feel so girlishly giddy

Ifill: what makes him so wonderful?

GOP guy: he's is the best human ever

Kyl: i would say it's his maverick-ness

GOP guy: Sarah Palin is a great governor - also she is a maverick

Kyl: that's right also she hates bush

Ifill: wow I am learning SO MUCH hee hee hee

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