Monday, September 01, 2008

60 Minutes - with Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan

60 Minutes
Interview with Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan
August 31, 2008
Pelley: Americans killed 4 generations of one family including a little baby

Military: Ooops

Pelley: there was one hour of sustained mortar fire followed by an airstrike of 2,000 pound bombs on houses made of mud

Afghans: this is worse than the Russians

Pelley: you cannot be saying that the Soviets were worse

Afghans: yes we are

Pelley: voice over - of course that isn't true but they say that

Pelley: what's up Hamid

Karzai: they keep bombing our villages and we don't like it so much

Pelley: did you tell that to Stupid

Karzai: yes and he has completely ignored me

Pelley: so

Karzai: so I am doing this interview

Pelley: wow look at this high tech shit why are you showing me all this secret stuff

Army: because we are desperate to repair our image

Expert: the army does the math how many civilians you are allowed to kill

Pelley: what's the limit

Expert: i could kill 30 people on my own after that i need a permission slip

Pelley: i was blown away by how we avoid killing innocent people

Expert: see we're good guys

Pelley: except for all the childen killed

Expert: teh Taliban is violating international law!

Pelley: oh well ok then

Pelley: so no real harm done

Expert: but when we kill a whole family we may drive people to hate America and join the Taliban

Pelley: gee that's a crazy idea

Hamid: hey the americans made a mistake it happens

Pelley: so what now

Hamid: i beg the americans to stop killing little children

Pelley: good luck with that

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