Monday, September 01, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - August 31, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
August 31, 2008

Matthews: omg sarah palin is a reformer with ovaries!!!

Matthews Meter: she's great!

Fineman: i love her she's outside of the box and bold -- no one would have predicted he would pick an unqualified lunatic

Tweety: she's got no experience

O'Donnell: not true - she got a passport in 2007 - she's a rising star hockey mom why shouldn't she run the free world?


Matthews: Why her?

Bumiller: Palin has more foreign policy experience than Pawlenty - after all she once fished in Russian waters

Tweety: what else?

fineman: she's not a closted gay republican

Matthews: wow that's hard to find

O'Donnell: Palin also brought big money

Page: all the black men in Chicago are huggin each other

Bumiller: Lindsay Graham pushed Lieberman hard hard hard

Tweety: ewww

O'Donnell: McCain has a anger judgment problem

Page: the msm is covering up the fact that he is an asshole

Bumiller: McCain once told me to fuck off but it was was my fault i didn't have dinner ready when he came home

Fineman: Obama is like an inner city dude calling McCain out to the playground and face him like a man

Tweety: He's Russell Crowe to McCain's Commodus

Audience: a hero will rise