Monday, October 01, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show -September 30, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show
September 30, 2007

Matthews: omg hillary is going to attack iran!!!

Kay: omg she's very calculating and as a wommin she has to kill someone to prove she's strong!!

Brooks: the silent majority who are tough not weak i luv toughness so i'm going to keep saying toughness voters are toughness they aren't weak cowards like bloggers

Tucker: omg teh dems won't get us out of iraq so crazeee!!

Tweety: she's a shrill harpie -- she's a sharpie

Ignatius: i'm going to put on my serious voice and say Americans understand the world is complex and we must be cautious and invade many countries around the world

Brooks: there is an iran psychosis it's all about jimmy carter - i'm david brooks and I say must not kowtow to iran!! - by which i mean not bombing the shit out of the country - hell you might as well surrender

Tweety: omg is Hillary another George W Bush???

Brooks: luckily she is a very serious person she wants to invade iran which is as well now a very cautious prudent approach

Tweety: are going to war?

Ignatius: we're on a collision course no on can stop it - it's a mystery to me

Matthews: i want a new war!!!

Kay: can we calm down

Matthews: no we must be tough - ergo invade iran

Brooks: Toughness tough

Matthews: tough toughness

Tucker: tough tuff enuf

Ignatius: loud shrill

Matthews: Iran prez says we have no gays

Tweety: omg all the GOP are gay Mahmoud should learn they're everywhere!

Baghdad Bob: Sadaam, you're doing a heck of a job

Ignatius: ha ha no wonder we thought it would be a cakewalk - it's not my fault!!

Tweety: omg black voters might vote democrat this time!!!! cynthia tucker yur black what do u think?

Tucker: dood the real problem is that repbuic party hates blacks that's how they got popular but they have to reach out to black and brown voters and its really really stupid

Matthews: why didn't Mitt and Rudy and McCain show up to the debate

Tucker: they're fucking assholes

Katty: they didn't decide to write off teh black vote - it just comes naturally

Tweety: Maccaca!

Ignatius: sadly that made my buddy george allen look stupid - the GOP need black votes

Tweety: well that's not good news for them is it

Brooks: dood just show up at the debate i mean it was tv face time you think i would turn it down - oh no i wouldn't

Ignatius: iran has no nukes

Tweety: i luv it!

Tucker: Dems feel good but the voter ID laws could be a killer

Brooks: omg NCLB is a total failure!

Tweety: wow who would have thought!

Matthews: SCOTUS election issue?

Katty: no

Ignatius: yes cause now we have a majority to end abortion

Brooks: not an election issue

Tucker: only if the court takes on a hot button case but they're not stupid they'll wait until 2009 to take away the rest of your rights