Tuesday, October 09, 2007

60 Minutes Interview with Bruce Springsteen
October 7, 2007

Bruce Springsteen: im a shaman - a storyteller

Scott Pelley: you're worth

[puts a pinky to mouth]

100 million dollars

Bruce Springsteen: im an artist dood plus women swoon

Scott Pelley: its good to be rock star

Bruce Springsteen: it doesn’t suck

Pelley: do you get laid a lot

Bruce Springsteen: entertaining people thrills me

Pelley: you’re an attention whore

Bruce: and you’re a media whore who do u think is having more fun

Pelley: are in you in it for the women or the adulation

Bruce Springsteen: i can't live without the music dood

Scott Pelley: yur controversial

Bruce Springsteen: im interested in america and where were are headed

Scott Pelley: wow u are a radical

Bruce Springsteen: dimwit

Scott Pelley: do u you hate Born to Run

Van Zandt: well are you sick of being a sychophantic asshole

Scott Pelley: no it made me rich

Van Zandt: well there u are

Scott Pelley: this audience is crazee they know all the words

Bruce Springsteen: yes do people seem to like it

Scott Pelley: yur very handsome

Bruce Springsteen: yes i am cool

Scott Pelley: whats with yur voice I thought you were from Jersey

Bruce Springsteen: im an honorary Nebraskan

Scott Pelley: oh?

Bruce Springsteen: i'm channelling woody guthrie so shut the fuck up

Scott Pelley: yur daddy didn't love you

Bruce Springsteen: well after i won an Oscar for a movie about gay love he broke down

Scott Pelley: ok

Scott Pelley: yur not subtle - you ask why should people die for a mistake

Bruce Springsteen: well let me introduce you to a concept called reality

Scott Pelley: like what

Bruce Springsteen: torture, no right to trial,

Scott Pelley: woo hoo!! USA USA USA!

[Springsteen rolls eyes]

Pelley: do u hate America?

Bruce: ha ha ha that's what cowards always say

Pelley: so why sing

Bruce: because I love america and its ideals

Pelley: but u could retire rich and support President Stupid

Bruce: I'm the canary in teh coal mine dood

Pelley: i don't understand

Bruce: that's my point

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Douglas Watts said...

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.