Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Republican Debate - October 9, 2007

Republican Debate on Economics
October 9, 2007
Dearborn, Michigan
Moderators: “Crazy” Chris Matthews,
Maria “Hottie” Bartiomo, some other people

Moderator: Fred tell us about economics

Fred: the economy is rosy - but long term its a different story

Maria: what’s that?

Fred: it's very rosy

Maria: ok

Mitt: oh noes Gov. Granholm will tax our debates!!

Maria: good thing we never hold a real one just these idiotic staged events

Rudy: Presidents must crush jury awards - like giving A-Rod too much money its terrible

Matthews: what about joe torre?

Rudy: hes teh best i luv him

Ron Paul: military industrial complex doods!!!

McCain: dood read Adam Smith he was a good friend of mine my economic plan is that we stop spending too much - oh and by the way i luv the war which is free as you know

Maria: is it fair?

McCain: sure it's fair except for the economy, market, and tax code

Matthews: Huckster a consumer tax will stop me from buying a new yacht!!

Huckabee: no its phenomenal we'll tax shit so much we won't be able to buy anything and our trade deficit will go down

Matthews: oh wow

Hcukabee: its get better -- when pimps start paying taxes we can fund the war just from Congressional Republicans alone!

Matthews: awesome

Hunter: yur all fucking commies I would tax fortune cookies and that will fund the war!!!


Matthews: Senator Thompson wake up

Fred: what

Matthews: anyone home dood

Fred: fuckin' chinese grrrrrrrr

Maria: Senator Uterus taxes?

Brownback: we're taxed to the max!

Maria: sing it homey

Brownback: why is washington trying to run people's private lives

Maria: terri schiavo dood

Brownback: who

Rudy: George Will luvs me

Mitt: you took away bill clinton's power yur bad

Rudy: idiot i'm in favor the line item veto but it's not fucking legal


Fred: i like free marketz

Hunter: damm commmies!

Matthews: i miss the 50s

McCain: i sank an aircraft carrier did u know the pentagon wastes a lot of money

Mod: what about trade

McCain: smoot hawley caused aucshwitz dood

Maria: I can haz dubai buy america?

Mitt: of course lets put down the drawbridge

Fred: we can't protect America!

Hunter: fuckin' a-rabs!

Brownback: the chinese keep stealing our hollywood movies they sell Gigli bootlegs its awful

Fred: we can't leave between our tail between legs damm islamofascists are in for 1,000 years so we have to stay for at least for 500

McCain: we're winning and we have to join the military or Americorps

Paul: criminy we going broke and maintaining a fucking empire that will end someday and then kablooey

Matthews: what do you mean

Paul: read Gibbon shithead

Brownback: Saddam was mixing terror and WMD its like he was a baking a big War Cake

Fred: once upon a time the WMD were there in 1986

Matthews: so Reagan said good job

Fred: the Saudis could get a nuke!!

Matthews: would you need authorization to attack Iran

Mitt: how should I know?

Matthews: no reason

Mitt: Ahmedinijad is outrageous why he's talked about genocide and the U.S. as Ruler of Planet Earth cannot let this man control the button

Paul: holy shit you're all crazee

Huckabee: what if Iran they built the bomb and would give it away to Warren Terra!!!

Matthews: wake up Fred

Fred: huh what

Tancredo: omg california shouldn't be allowed to buy Louisiana oil!!!

McCain: my god that’s stupid - we should drill in the grand canyon

Harwood: should Exxon give back some of their profits

McCain: if they want to

Harwood: that's all?

McCain: venezuala bullys people and use oil as a weapon -- the only legit weapon is one dropped from a B-52

Huckabee: goober and gomer with the bottle rockets!

Fred: democracy is good but stability is better so we shouldzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

McCain: how this for straight talk - fuck you all

Romney: i'm a sunny optimist i luv people

Rudy: hillary wants to give away money

Hunter: the damm chinese are cheating!

Brownback: hey we've got 1/3 of the world's military spending we must be doing something right

Rudy: there are good unions and bad unions

Mod: what's a good union

Rudy: UAW they gave $2 billion to GM

Mod: what's a bad union

Rudy: my second marriage

Brownback: hey my mother was married she was a pistol packing grandma

Mod: did she go postal

Tancredo: fuck your mother she sounds like that lazy family with the kids who got in the car accident

Mod: you forgot to bring up illegal immigration

Tancredo: oh shit!

Maria: detroit sucks

McCain: yes but we should fix health care frist

Maria: how so

McCain: drink a glass of ethanol every morning

Maria: should we stop a massive labor walkout?

Fred: no

Maria: why not

Fred: it's past my bedtime

Matthews: goddam you suck

Lighting Round!

Huckabee: health care - i don't trust anyone but me

Maria: arabs!

Mitt: we should follow shady people into mosques

Maria: weak dollar

Fred: well you know they are soft and flexible i mean we could make them out of something stiffer but then how would we fold it in a wallet

Mod: support the nominee?

Paul: what are you fucking crazee have you seen the lunatics standing next to me

Tancredo: no way none of you hate mexicans

Brownback: i will support the nominee whoever it is

Matthews: even if he's pro-choice

Brownback: well then no

Maria: is london better than new york?

Rudy: jesus are you campaigning for me what a fucking easy question

Maria: i luv you Rudy

Maria: will you please bash Sarbanes Oxley

Rudy: yes i will thank you for that leading question

Romney: oh can i answer that ridiculous question!!!??

Maria: yes but only if you love family values

Romney: this is just like Law & Order there's a lot of crazy white doods and one really hot chick asking questions

Matthews: how do we catch bin Laden?

McCain: i would ask the President of France to get him

Maria: what's greatest threat to the US economy

Mitt: over-optimism its killing us

Brownback: the best place to be is between a man and woman

Maria: Fred did you like the debate

Fred: it reminds of the nursing home i have no idea what's going there most of the time either

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