Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meet The Press - October 14, 2007


Meet The Press - October 14, 2007
Guests: Bil Cosby, Alvin Poussaint


Cosby and Poussaint: the n-word is a slave master word

Russert: u don't like it

Poussaint: it's derogatory

Russert: white kids say it's cool to use the n-word

Cosby: black males and white male are like vanilla and chocolate pudding pops they have a lot in common

Russert: like how

Cosby: they have a position toward teh female using the b-word and then use the n-word and then they start using the p-word

Russert: what's that

Cosby: pundit

Pousaint: now they're using teh word "wigger"

Cosby: the white guys in teh boardrooms luv rape

Russert: oh really why

Cosby: it raises dopamine

Russert: fascinating do u have a newsletter i can subscribe to

Poussaint: rap music is hurtful

Cosby: black kids can't read they just use the n-word in the candy store

Russert: strong stuff

Cosby: we have to start letting the kids know who's boss

Rusert: ok

Cosby: there's too much inertia and entropy

Russert: wow u are fascinating

Cosby: when i was in teh navy they never would never curse or use the n-word but they got creative

Russert: like how

Cosby: the called me a one-eye maggot

Tim: so your book is a clarion call for more creative insults?

Cosby: right like i'm sure big russ taught you some cool put downs

Russert: yes we used to call people buffalo bill-hating pultroons

Cosby: zing!!!

Cosby: one parent families are the problem

Russert: what is the solution

Cosby: the love-giver! One parent are not a problem! The love-giver has to do some smacking around!

Russert: it's a metaphor for Iraq

Cosby: how so timmy?

Russert: we have to be the love-giver for Iraq and smack the Iraqis around in the name of tough love

Cosby: Yes! that's exactly what I'm talking about!

Russert: we can win!

Cosby: we can win!

Timmeh: Robinson says there is not one uniform black america

Poussaint: oh i disagree look at Jena

Russert: yes all of black America can agree that her book is an insult

Poussaint: true the black middle class is off doing their own thing but even they are not voting Republican

Russert: so sad you're so partisan

Cosby: i hate blacks yelling at me you have to listen to what bill cosby is saying bill cosby is saying school is good and goodness is good

Russert: who is this

Bill Cosby: Bill Cosby

Tim Russert: Tim Russert agrees with you

Cosby: anyone who got attacked by the Klan only had themselves to blame

Poussaint: Alvin Poussaint doesn't agree with you

Cosby: we have to treat our children like criminals in a maximum security prison and shake em down

Poussaint: all these anti-education black families piss me off

Russert: blacks don't vote so sad

Cosby: i spend all my days on the phone bugging prisons on who is on medication

Russert: i spend my days on the phone with karl rove

Russert; you say black women are the bomb and the men suck

Cosby: they all want to be in the NBA and be hip-hoppers

Russert: what's the solution to the problems of the black community

Cosby: less credit card debt - Come on People!!

Cosby: kids are like a barbara eden they are the genie in a lamp we have to rub our children for the genius to come out

Russert: 'Big Bill and Me' read it c'mon people

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