Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Meet the Press - October 8, 2007

Meet the Press with Tim Russert
October 8, 2007
Guest: Senator John Edwards

Tim Russert: bill richardson says you’re a hawkish poppyhead

John Edwards: fuck bill richardson

Russert: you want to stay in Iraq until 2013 what's up with that

Edwards: i would place a quick force in Kuwait

Russert: like who

Edwards: the fantastic four

Russert: so why all those troops

Edwards: you gotta protect the Embassy

Russert: so what will they do in Kuwait

Edwards: go after Al Qaeda-in-Kuwait

Russert: but they are not in Kuwait

Edwards: well not yet

Russert: Are you a phony

Edwards: why yes i am thank you for asking tim russert

Russert: yur kidding right

Edwards: yes what tipped you off

Russert: you're rich so how can you care about poor people

Edwards: i use my wealth to try to help poor people

Russert: but that does not compute

Edwards: what should i do

Russert: hire them to mow your lawn in Nantucket

Edwards: can u recommend someone

Russert: speaking of hedges you work for a hedge fund

Edwards: this is a stupid conversation

Russert: you played the "Bubba Card"

Edwards: who among us does not find the Clintons a little too Clintonian

Russert: oh i know what you mean i'm a blue collar guy from Buffalo

Edwards: yeah and I'm a poor black woman from Carolina

Russert: can you win

Edwards: there's no place i can go that I can't win

Russert: will we see you in hackensack

Edwards: what are you crazy dood

Russert: hillary is polarizing and poison

Edwards: maybe she is

Russert: your wife says hillary is hated for no reason and so we should not vote for her

Edwards: tim it is true that you are an idiot and that is hard for me to talk about

Russert: you have no money the great Orange Satan dailykos sez this makes you dangerous meaning you will lose

Edwards: dood do you even know what dangerous means

[ break ]

David Broder: Hillary wants to attack iran which is a very safe stand

Russert: she's crafty

Broder: she's a triagulator

Russert: the polls say the like her

Broder: well I don't believe the polls then

Ted Koppel: it's too early to talk about it

Russert: so let's talk about it some more

Margaret Carlson: iowans hate hillary cause they have a smugness detector

Audience: how did you get in

Russert: Rudy says Hillary is Eva Peron look at this funny prop he put out

David Brody (Christian network): Rudy says sure i love gay gun- stealing aborters but at least i'm not hillary

Broder: Mrs. Clinton is scary but i hate Rudy too he's too liberal

Russert: ha ha ha he's trying to trick conservative voters hee hee

Broder: dammit i hate him where did all these gays come from anyway

Russert: i love american politics because nothing matters and we can treat it all as a horse race

Rudy: i hate teh gun nuts

Russert: hee hee hee how do we work as journalists

Audience: do you really want an answer tim russert

Carlson: they want someone with experience on terror so they naturally they turn to Rudy

Russert: what experience does he have defending from terrorism

Carlson: not defending it committing it


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