Monday, October 22, 2007

Valerie Plame on 60 Minutes

Valerie Plame on 60 Minutes
Host: Katie Couric
October 21, 2007

Couric: were u covert

Plame: totally

Couric: c'mon between us gurlz why would anyone out you Val

Plame: to smear my husband joe katie-kins

Couric: and how was that

Plame: um it sucked

Couric: you were deep undercover

Plame: my sex life with joe is not the issue here

Couric: of course

Plame: i was in charge of stoping the spread of nukes

Couric: you thought saddam had evil chemicals

Plame: he had the Mustache Of Secrecy

Couric: deadeye dick wanted a dood to go to Niger

Plame: well joe was an expert on Iraq and Niger you think you come across someone like that every day

Couric: well so is anderson cooper

Plame: hes hawt

Couric: totally

Couric: you thought bush and powell lied to the whole world

Plame: yes that was strange

Couric: [looks concerned]

Plame: it was a thin case

Couric: [ looks very concerned ]

Couric: admit it babe joe almost outed u

Plame: bullshit katie

Couric: no look at my hands they're touching in a thoughtful manner

Plame: oh horseshit

Couric: okay you win valli

Plame: call me Ms Plame

Couric: [ meekly ] ok

Couric: was anyone killed because bob novak and karl rove are evil

Plame: oh yes

Couric: yur like greta garbo

Plame: yeah that photo a bit was silly

Couric: what did medal of feerdom say

Plame: he wuz pissed

Couric: why

Plame: i was supposed to give bob woodward an exclusive

Couric: but you are partysan

Plame: well duh i'm battling evil

Couric: does that evil have a name

Plame: s-c-o-o-t-e-r

Couric: joe why are so mean

Joe Wilson: u bet i'm pissed no one went after Rove's family

Couric: well in fairness their spouses are serving their country as lobbyists not betraying america by working for a subversive organization like the CIA

Wilson: are you sure about that

Couric: it's a safe assumption they would never do that

Wilson: good point kittycat

Couric: why dont u shut up

Plame: hey we've got young children

Couric: be careful they may go after them next

Plame: o man yur right

Couric: will you have sex with me yur hawt

Plame: i'm married to joe wilson honey bun

Couric: ok a threesome then

Plame: kinky

Couric: im not picky

Plame: i'll pass but thanks

Couric: ok you rock

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