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Meet The Press - October 28, 2007

Meet The Press
October 28, 2007
Guest: Senator Chris Dodd

Tim: iranians evil

Chris Dodd: yeah but only attack thru sanctions

Tim: but you had a strong resolution too

Dodd: yeah but Lieberman wants only war and my resolution was about diplomacy too

Russert: but it mentioned diplomacy

Dodd: no it didn't you stupid irish mick

Russert: oh

Dodd: can't you see Bush wants war?

Russert: oh i think you're exagerragting you really think Bush would invade a country in the middle east with no reason?

Russert: you wanted to go to war in aganist in Iraq in 2002!

Dodd: yeah but bush is a liar

Russert: Iraq?

Dodd: we're arming the sunnis to fight to shia and the shia to fight kurds and the the kurds to fight the sunnis

Russert: awesome

Dodd: i would pull out by 2013 no other candidate will no that

Russert: bold move

Dodd: i like the constitution

Russert: but in 2003 you said we're safer without saddam

Dodd: well we're not safer now dumbass

Russert: but you changed your mind

Dodd: at least i have one pumpkinhaid

Tim: why can't you leave poor telecommunications companies alone???

Dodd: give me a break it's called breaking the law

Tim: but they only did it because they love america

Dodd: yeah they love those fat contracts

Tim: can you prove that

Dodd: no but I believe it don't you

Tim: Harrrumph

Russert: yur at 0%

Dodd: yeah but my negatives are low

Tim: dood Stephen Colbert is doing 230% better than you

Dodd: how about Colbert/Dodd '08 !!?!

Tim: this is a lost cause isn't it

Dodd: hey you never know

Tim: good luck looser you will let me know when you drop out won't you

Dodd: will do big guy

Tim: you threatened gerry ford

Safire: yeah typical Nixon white house stuff you know send pizzas to house, broke into his office, wiretapped his family, bombed his car

Tim: really?

Safire: nah but i wish i had that disloyal fucker

Tim: why so mad

Safire: Nixon could have survived his criminal rampage so sad

DeFrank: hey Ford was trying to save america, the GOP, his conscience and lastly Nixon

Safire: see he should have put Dick first and the USA and god last

Ford: look at 1972 Nixon had come back from china and fighting vietnam and russia and Pat was drinking and his daughters were running around with democrats no wonder he broke down and asked the CIA to subvert American democracy

DeFrank: Ford thought Reagan was a dangerous stupid showman

Russert: so sad

DeFrank: but then he liked him when his mind was gone

Safire: i don't like this at all -- all this honesty is very unseemly we in the Village would prefer to pretend that all Republicans are sunny and wonderful and Democrats are slimy liars this Culture of Truth makes me very uncomfortable

DeFrank: Ford was willing to be character witness if Clinton was willing to admit he committed perjury

Audience: why in the holy hell would he do that

DeFrank: he thinks the only way we get a woman presnit if there is a female VP and a presnit resigns in scandal

Audience: well that's how he became presnit so duh

Safire: Hillary will choose Emmanuel for VP

Russert: what about Ted Striker from airplane?

Safire: not bad



** John McLaughlin Group **

McLaughlin: Pakistan is a total disaster is Osama's dream come true

Buchanan: this isn't bush's fault whaaaaaaa

McLaughlin: oh yeah this is great

Buchanan: this is nothing to worry about Osama probably won't get teh bomb

McLaughlin: oh so now the GOP is playing down a threat

Buchanan: right because we can't do anything about it

McLaughlin: well that makes sense

Buchanan: Pakistan very dangerous

McLaughlin: you really think they would kill Bhutto

Clift: they killed her father dood

Blankely: don't worry about Osama getting the Pakistani bomb he hardly knows the islamists there unlike when he was best friends with Saddam who surely was going to give him the nukes he didn't have

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