Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - October 14, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show
October 14, 2007

Matthews: iowa is where the music and politics died what's up with that

Yepsen: iowans dated Dean and married Kerry then they had a torrid affair with john edwards

Matthews: can you blame them look at him he's so cute

Kornblut: Hillary is polarizing

Bumiller: she's shrill

Yepsen: she shouldn't yell at people

Matthews: when does she stop being flawless and slip up so i can criticize her i can't wait for that!!

Kornblut: yay!!!

Matthews: look at romney i want him to serve me breakfast in bed!!

Bumiller: he's having fun

Matthews: it's like Prince Charles doing the white guy dance with the natives

Yepsen: be careful they let you dance and then they eat you

Panel: if Hillary wins in Iowa it's over

Panel: it's between Romney and Rudy

Bumiller: uh yeah um whatever dood

Matthews: why doesn't Obama say that his judgment was right about Iraq so Hillary's experience doesn't matter

Kornblut: that's all he does Stupid

Bumiller: i got to talk with cool guys in uniform and they were very open about what they thought

Matthews: what did they say

Bumiler: i can't tell you


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