Tuesday, October 09, 2007

60 Minutes Interview with Ron Noble - October 7, 2007

60 Minutes Interview with Interpol head Ron Noble
October 7, 2007

Steve Kroft: dood 9/11 talk to me

Ron Noble: i promised that would never happen again

Kroft: so who called you after that tragic day

Noble: nobody!!

Kroft: you speak 4 languages and hang out in Lyon France

Noble: hey they used to take weekends off

Kroft: but now you totally rock USA! USA! USA!

Noble: dont fuck with Interpol dude

Kroft: you still don’t do very much though

Noble: Al Qaeda wants to kill 4 million of us which means they can!!!

Kroft: OMG!!!

Noble: i know!!!

Kroft: criminals on the Internet in Nigeria!!!

Noble: Arghh!!!!

Irish dude: kiddie porn!!!

Kroft: Interpol is on the case

Irish cop: don't fuck with us!

Kroft: yur giving away all your secrets

Irish: but think of all the good publicity!

Kroft: Jihadist websites!!!

Noble: every single stolen passport belongs to a terrorists!!!

Kroft: OMG!!!!!

Kroft: how many americans at this super-important agency!!!???

Noble: Zero!!!

Kroft: OMG!!!!

Kroft: nobody likes you dood

Noble: we need money!

Kroft: how much

Noble: we only get $50 million that's the same as David Beckham dood!!!

Kroft: well are you married to as Spice Gurl

Noble: sadly no

Kroft: then shut the fuck up

Noble: [ weeps ]

Kroft: yur crying what's wrong

Noble: 9/11 9/11 9/11