Monday, October 29, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - October 28, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show
October 28, 2007

Matthews: are we going to war with iran?!?!

David Gregory: nah cheney is a peacnik

Matthews: oh really?

Gregory: leave Dick Cheney alone!! He's a human being!!

Kay: he's the bad cop

Matthews: how do we scare them?

Kay: buy a new stealth bomber

David Ignatius: the whole world is panicking so we've got that going for us

Matthews: awesome

Ignatius: the iranians aren't stupid they know we're bluffing

Matthews: so should candidates pledge to attack iran

Kay: no- except for hillary as the candidates with a uterus she must proves having a vagina is not a weakness

Matthews: she's triangulating - she's so evil!

Ignatius: hillary is so far ahead she can be unpopular

Matthews: i think it's because she has breasts

Matthews: let's talk about the Clinton sex life!

Kay: god forbid we should not address this for 5 minutes

Matthews: she's using her feminine wiles

Loven: it's a Mystery Marriage but she is Calculating!

Kay: what if Bill Clinton has an affair with Chris Matthews

Ignatius: college women hate her

Matthews: no they don't

Ignatius: well not anymore

Matthews: desperate spinsters who can't get a man will say hey i'd like a man who has affairs it's better than dying alone with my cats

Ignatius: oh exactly what woman wouldn't want a taste of the old codpiece

Matthews: i wish i could get a man

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