Sunday, December 23, 2007


Meet The Press
December 23, 3007
Guest: Rep. Ron Paul

Russert: do you want to get rid of teh income tax and IRS?

Ron Paul: oh yeah!!

Russert: what about the lost money?

Ron Paul: highwayman fees!

Russert: but that's stupid

Ron Paul: then cut spending

Russert: but that's a trillion dollars

Ron Paul: we should stop being the world's policeman man!

Russert: if you had a 30% sales tax that would kill poor pople

Ron Paul: ok then i'm against it

Russert: so how do we save money

Ron Paul: pull out of korea

Russert: how much would that save

Ron Paul: i don't know - like a lot dood

Russert: how many troops can we pull out of europe and asia

Ron Paul: i dunno

Russert: 500,000

Paul: really, wow!

Russert: what happens when north korea invades south korea?

Ron Paul: beats me

Russert: but what will you do when Iran invades Israel??

Ron Paul: Timmy that's not going to happen - Israel has 300 nukes for pete's sake

Russert: do you think Israel has influence on US foreign policy - oh noes!

Paul: yes i do dumbass

Russert: would really cut off aid to Israel?

Paul: of course but the arabs too - let 'em fight it out and put it on pay per view

Russert: how have we provoked Al Qaeda???

Ron Paul: do what Bush says - real their own statements -- we had troops in Saudi Arabia which is their holy land and we overthrew the Iran government and bombed Iraq

Russert: wow you're defending Al qaeda you say the problem is us and not them

Paul: we're stepping in a snake pit do you blame the snake and keep standing in the snake pit??

Russert: but the islamofascists!!!!

Paul: oh please

Russert: you're making moral equiavalency with islamists and white americans!!!

Ron Paul: have you met dick cheney that dood is crazy

Russert: i have information that right after 9/11 you were not waving a flag 24 hours a day - that seems subversive

Ron Paul: well dude of course i care about mass murder but my reaction was yes we are going to lose our freedoms

Russert: but you said that after 9/11 when we were all about loving the USA

Paul: but i was right!!

Russert: good point

Russert: you want to abolish the FBI and all public schools!

Ron Paul: we have to save money we're going bankrupt

Russert: but the FBI loves america

Ron Paul: they spied on martin luther king

Russert: but only because he was associating with subversives like George Romney and he was marching with ten year kids like little Mitty

Russert: dood you are up to your ears in pork barrel spending

Paul: I accept it but I would like to get rid of it

Russert: you're like saying you were for it and not against it

Paul: oh you silly journalist

Russert: so stop taking earmarks

Paul: that's silly i take tax credits and social security because it's there

Russert: you should refuse them

Paul: Tim by your standards no one could ever advocate for a change while obeying the law

Russert: i never thought of that

Paul: that's because you're an idiot

Russert: you're now against immigration

Paul: yeah but they’re taking all our free stuff and since 9/11 they might be murderers

Russert: you say you like people to follow the Constitution and yet you want to amend it!!

Paul: you really a moron aren't you?

Russert: people tell me that - but i have a house in Nantucket so i doubt it

Paul: drugs should be legal i mean who cares alcohol kills more people anyway

Russert: yeah but drinks have cool names like Tom Collins or Sex on the Beach

Paul: i'm a doctor i've seen the deaths it causes

Russert: you don't want black americans to eat at lunch counters???

Paul: property rights dood why should i let people i don't like in my restaurant!!?

Russert: sounds racist

Paul: it's out of control - smokers rights!!

Russert: do you hate blacks?

Paul: no i get more support from blacks that any other Republican

Russert: that's like being best player on the Miami Dolphins

Russert: you don't even like Abe Lincoln!!!

Paul: that's right that civil war was a tremendous waste

Russert: but we'd still have slavery

Paul: in 2007 - don't be ridiculous

Russert: why are you running as Republican??

Paul: hey i'm like that icon of Bob Taft you gotta cut spending unlike that traitor Ronald Reagan

Russert: will you run as an independent?

Paul: i have no plans to do so

Russert: that's a lot of wiggle room

Paul: i know dood

Russert: you said Mike Huckabee reminded you of Sinclair Lewis saying when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag carrying a cross

Paul: yes i did

Russert: what does that mean?

Paul: what, fascism?

Russert: r u calling Cuddly Mike a fascist?

Paul: no im saying corporations owning the government plus people always demanding flag waving support for military action is soft fascism

Russert: well my bosses at General Electric think you're crazy


Anonymous said...

that was pretty funny dood.
if we can't laugh at ourselves what business do we have laughing at all.
i'm still for ron paul though...

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant in its idiocy :)

Anonymous said...

This blog is a public service. Many thanks.