Tuesday, December 04, 2007

60 Minutes - December 2, 2007

Scott Pelley: where are the iraqi christian men dood?

Christian Iraqi: they're all dead

Scott Pelley: any good news?

Iraqi Christian: yes - some of them were only kidnapped

Pelley: which is worse Saddam or George Bush?

Iraqi Christian: oh Bush

Pellley: really dood??

Iraqi Christian: there's no comparison - oh god i wish Saddam was back!!

Pelley: but Bush is a hero and a good christian!!

Iraqi Christian: christians have been here 2,000 years and this is the worst it’s ever been for them

Pelley: that's quite a statement

Iraqi Christian: i know but Saddam liked real christians - Bush seems not to

Pelley: Iraqi christians survived Romans and Ottomans and Turks and Mongols and Arabs but not George W. Bush

Iraqi Christian: that's true- he's made history

Pelley: i was at a secret Christian service and this doods children were murdered because of jeebus

US Soldier: oh yeah that happens all the time

Pelley: why don't you protect the Churches?

Soldier: they don't want us to

Pelley: why not

Soldier: because if an American is seen there they will only be attacked more

Pelley: i heard that attacks on Christians have stopped

Soldier: yes that's true

Pelley: yay!

Soldier: they are all dead

Pelley: oh

Pelley: what happened to all the Christians?

Christian: they are in a ghetto in Jordan

Lady Iraqi Christian: they want us to be muslim or we will be killed

Pelley: 4 million 500,000 iraqis have fled iraq because of America but good news 2,000 have been allowed in the USA

Christian: islam is evil but the in past Christianity was also evil

Pelley: why does god hate Christians?

Christian: he's working on the long-term plan

Pelley: oh ok

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