Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - December 9, 2007

Matthews: Hillary Clinton used to be nice and now she's mean - oh my god!!!

Gregory: interesting

Matthews: she's unattractive and nasty!

Gregory: she can't compete with him on soaring rhetoric but she's more electable

Norris: Oprah isn't just a celebrity she's also a black corporation and a book club

Matthews: she empowered me to trash hillary

Matthews: Obama is a strapping young man how can ugly Hillary compete with his raw sexuality??

Matthews: wow he's so black and handsome and electable

Norris: he's a movie star they love him

Matthews: I'm in love

Parker: they are fleeing from hillary because she's not the most electable

Ignatius: raw competence is not exciting

Matthews: she's shrill and mean and nasty and this will backfire

Gregory: you gotta play hardball

Parker: but she's a horrible ball buster

Norris: she hit him with the brass knuckles that's bad

Matthews: ha ha mormons are eager goody-two shoes I love it!!!

Matthews: a lot of people though Romney gave a great speech

Gregory: you mean you did

Matthews: yes i and the other people in my head

Gregory: crazy cultish beliefs are a subject he's comfortable with

Matthews: he got weepy on the Continental Congress - alot of people were moved

Norris: you mean you were moved

Matthews: yes

Ignatius: he was cautious there was no inner man it was all positioning but Huckabee is more passionate

Matthews: i loved it - he's so sexy

Parker: it was all about self pity

Matthews: Huckabee - back off my man!!!!

Gregory: aren't you a big liar?

Bush: i only was told Iran was a country last week - i was told there was some information i was not told what it was

Matthews: he tells people who give him bad news dood you covered your ass

Matthews: alot of people think-

Gregory: you mean *you* think

Matthews: right

Gregory: he's a moron

Matthews: is he stupid or a liar

Parker: ever since the 16 words they haven't told Bush anything

Igantius: no this is a non-story after all the Iranains could have been lying about not having a bomb

Matthews: well then why talk about WWIIII

Ignatius: because you can't trust those wacked out turbaned persians

Matthews: good point David

Gregory: he was being very prudent by saying we have to attack to avoid WWIII until all the information was in
The Chris Matthews Show
December 9, 2007

Parker: the Western DNC will endorse Obama

Gregory: New sanctions against Iran!!!

Norris: candidates will not give my donuts on NPR debate

Matthews: ha that sucks

Ignatius: Syria are our new BFFs

Matthews: cia tortures people and hides it

Parker: use your imagination

Gregory: don't give away our best stuff!

Ignatius: they destroyed the tapes because torture is like masturbation -- everyone does it and enjoys it but no likes to see it or talk about it

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littleblackpropaganda said...

"Raw competence is not exciting." I wouldn't be surprsied to find you left this quote untranslated from the original German.