Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - December 23, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show
December 23, 2007

Matthews: Best Move of 2007!

Katty: Obama peaks just before iowa caucus

Rather: Rudy 9/11

Matthews: i agree!

Norah: women hate Hillary

Sully: Ron Paul rulez he's teh real conservative!!!!

Tweety: Worst move!!!?

Rather: Edwards - he's too angry!!!

Norah: Fred Thompson forgetting to have any ideas

Matthews: so sad

Sully: Democrats could have been a real 5th column and ended the war

Katty: GOP lost all hispanics for years

Tweety: Most Ballsy Move!!!

Katty: Rudy takes phone call in speech so dumb

Rather: Romney saying "varmints" that frog won't fly

Norah: Obama is stinky i love empty gossip like that

Tweety: she's martha mitchell!!!

Sully: Mitt is stupid and Michelle is a force of black female nature

Matthews: Foot in Mouth award!!

Kay: Hillary had the worst moment talking about drivers' licenses

Sully: agreeed it has killed her campaign

Norah: Craig is still in teh senate - it shows how tolerant the GOP is now

Rather: Gonzalez is evil

Tweety: strange bedfellows

Kay: what the fuck is with teh GOP nominating a gay friendly abortionist

O'Donell: the Dick Cheney and Barack Obama are cousins story

Tweety: i'm replacing you with a ficus

Tweety: Jarring Moment!

Rather: ann coulter's admits she is an anti semite althohgh she wishes she could take it back

Sully: no i disagree it's when she attacked gays

Katty: dan she doesn't want to take it back

Sully: that's right and she didn't you're naïve

Norah: hah ha funniest moment Kucinich said he was beamed aboard a spaceship and had sex with a six foot red headed alien!!

Tweety: there's a difference betwen saying you saw something in teh sky you couldn't identify and you saw a UFO -- that implies you believe in intelligent life in teh universe

Kay: looking at you tweety i doubt it myself

Matthews: Zinger of teh Year!

O'Donnell: Hillary attacking evil men was so spontaneous and reminding us of Bill Clinton having sex with monica ha ha ha ha

Sully: she has a devilish cackle!!


Sully: when Obama zapped her by saying he was looking forward to having her advise him it was as brilliant as the time Reagan quoted a line from one of his movies

Matthews: i loved that plagiarising senile bastard

Matthews: Best Year of 2007?

Sully: bob gates has won teh war for us

Rather: al gore and petreaus he had great PR whether is lasts or not

O'Donnell: yes the general even if he fails it's a sweet story - USA!! USA!!

Kay: al gore you dumbass

Matthews: Worst Year in 07!!

Katty, Rather: Baseball

Tweety: roger clemens is still hawt

O'Donnell: Nifong poor white boyz!

Sully: briteny spears

Tweety: hey she's the responsible one!!

Biggest Event in 2007 ?!?!?!

Kay: decline in the dollar yur killing me

Rather: sub prime crisis remember this is the tip of iceberg which is rapidly melting by the way

Sully: America lost it's soul in 2007 but we did gain the suburbs of Iraq

Tweety: aren't the "The Left are all Traitors" guy?

Sully: hey my soul was lost years ago peckerhaid

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