Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - December 29, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show
December 29, 2007

Matthews: Hillary likes to pretend she's likeable by hanging out with her daughter but no one believes it

Norris: she has experience but no judgment

Matthews: what do you say joe klein?

Klein: it's going to be sunny on thursday

Matthews: are you on drugs sleepy?

Klein: i have no fucking idea what's going on

Matthews: yeah i know

Klein: Hillary's the best but Richard Mellon Scaife doesn't like her so we can’t support her

Andrea: look at gary hart he was youthful but mondale was better because he had been emasculated

Klein: iowans are solid decent people

Matthews: they must have hated you

Klein: Obama's a change guy

Norris: i flicked my lighter at Obama's rock concert

Fineman: Obama's too intellectual - where's the passion?

Matthews: but a passionate black man scares me

Fineman: teh sun helps Obama because black people have more melanin

Mitchell: Bhutto getting killed helps Hillary because she's knows the now-dead non-leader of Pakistan very well

Matthews: that makes sense

Mitchell: when she was assassinated Obama was hesitant but Hillary exhibited vaginatas

Matthews: what's that?

Mitchell: gravitas for women

Klein: if Obama doesn't win he's going sleep in my living room for 4 years

Matthews: lucky you - he's hawt!

Klein: Edwards is angry

Matthews: oooh, scary

Klein: but guess what alot of people are angry for good reason

Matthews; yeah no donuts this morning and my irish coffee this morning was weak

Matthews: what's with all the varmint-killing with presidential candidates?

Fineman: hey america is all about killing -- we're cowboys with an massive insecure streak

Matthews: why are you looking at me?

Klein: yur the poster child for Brokeback Pundits dood

Matthews: ha!

Matthews: i fluffed john mcCain this week

McCain: i will win NH

Fienman: once again i underestimated McCain and the love affair we have with him

Matthews: is it the grit or the sex appeal?

Fineman: it's teh honesty and surge

Matthews: in my pants!

Klein: romney wins NH and maybe iowa

Matthews: u luv romney

Klein: no I think he's the most reprehensible candidate ever

Matthews: but with nice shoulders

Matthews: a brokered convention can Maverick McCain win!!??

Fineman: that's stupid

Andrea: it depends who the Dem is

Klein: John McCain is the most normal dude in the race

Matthews: i like colin powell

Norris: this time the candidates want to be civil unlike mean Howard Dean - so no screaming

Fineman: Youtube will televise the caucus

Matthews: geraldo - ha!

Mitchell: Rice will go to Pyongyang and play the piano with Phil Harmonic

Matthews: i love that guy!

Klein: afghanistan is important

Matthews: Predictions for 2008!

Norris: 3rd party candidate for presnit!

Fibneman: Chelsea and George P Bush getting in politics

Matthews: he's hawt

Klein: we'll catch Osama

Matthews: really?

Klein: maybe - he's not useful for the GOP anymore

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