Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Chris Matthew Show - December 15, 2007

The Chris Matthew Show
December 15, 2007

Matthews: Obama will win Iowa!

Rather: no Edwards will

Kay: dem voters are very excited about Edwards he’s populist

Matthews: iowans don't like nasty like hillary

Kay: but they really want to win so they like it when hillary is tough

Tweety: she's ticklish, tight and desperate

O'Donnell: she's stopped smiling and she's annoyed at the uppity black man

Matthews: she sicced mark penn on Barack

O'Donnell: she's in meltdown

Sullivan: she's incompetent and if she has to fight she's loses it

Tweety: maybe it's her time of the month

Rather: we tend to fixate on teh inbred crackers in iowa what about the alligators in florida??

Penn: who, me bring up cocaine? i would never talk about cocaine hillary hates to talk about cocaine!

Kay: that fat disgusting man is repulsive

Sullivan: Clinton was a liar about drug use and Hillary is a racist

O'Donnell: my name is Norah O'Donnell and i am the dumbest person on teevee

Rather: damm Obama classy when he testifies

Sullivan: those fucking 5th columnists are dividing this nation!

Tweety: why do white women hate hillary?

Sullivan: she is so nasty - like i want my candidates to be

Tweety: so you were wrong?

Sullivan: so i am consistent and at least i don't hate america

Kay: it's simple you dumbasses male = tough; female = shrill

O'Donnell: hillary cannot possibly win if she loses iowa on the hand i think she can win it all because she has volunteers in other states but then again Obama has a lot of money

Tweety: i have houseplants smarter than you

Tweety: this reminds me of a movie where i get to smear hillary with a cheap sexist gender and generation stereotype - Ha!!!

Tweety: ha ha ha -- this is just like the movie "Election" ha ha Barack Obama is the big black man on campus ha!

Kay: congrats tweety - you're sexist, racist, ageist, and shallow

Matthews: ha! I love it!

Tweety: omg!! Huckabee is a religious hate-filled ignorant whack-job!!!!

Sully: you mean provenance not providence

Tweety: whatever

Sullly: he went to bible college and speaks their own....umm…

Tweety: idiom?

Sully: right

Kay: he sold the tires on his house to buy a dishwasher

Kay: this election is going to about the economy

Rather: hillary will fire that fat asshole mark penn

O'Donnell: oooh jenna may get married in the white house or maybe not

Matthews: you're a true idiot aren't you?

Sullivan: the GOP party will panic and turn to john mccain

Matthews: so he wins new hampshire

Sully: no

Matthews: smarter guests pleeze!

Matthews: who do the others want to run against?

Rather: huckabee

Sullivan: romney

Kay: edwards

O'Donnell, Sulllivan and Rather: clinton

Tweety: why

Panel: she's so hated she will united the GOP party

Tweety: who will you vote for Little Roy?

Roy: i hate america so I said fuck citizenship in yur evil empire

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