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The Chris Matthews Show - December 2, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show
December 2, 2007

Matthews: Rudy hid city money to take his scheming mistresses around town while Romney the Robot is falling to Hucktser i love it!

Heilmann: we all delighted when Rudy would call voters deranged

Matthews: he's the Joker in Batman smiling but deeply crazy

Bumiller: he's smears innocent people who are murdered

Matthews: even you had a tough time with him and you're hot

Bumiller: i was immune to his considerable charms

Andy “little roy cohn” Sullivan: he coddles child molesters and he loves having enemies and is psychopathologically combative and nasty

Borger: ha ha just like Hillary!!

Andy: they’re just like each other!!

Matthews: Rudy will win because he is more electable!

Borger: no he’s not the most electable he’s too much like Hillary Clinton!!

Matthews: liberal media has fallen in love with Huckabee that’s crazy!!

Heileman: but now the gloves come for Gov. Cornporn

Matthews: why do the media develop these man-crushes it’s bizarre!

Andy: it’s not just the black helicopter crowd!

Heileman: he’s got the Pat Buchanan / John Edwards Axis

Matthews: The Hair Club for Men

Bush: I luv pretty pictures

Olmert: hey dumbass if you want the photo-op then move - god what shithead hey Mahmoud?

Abbbas: no wonder they call him President Stupid

Matthews: the boys ganged up on Condi Rice

Bumiller: yeah but now she’s more confident and has poise

Matthews: she did the triple axel and nailed the landing

Bumiller: bush asked her after cheney started the war if she supported it and she said yes

Matthews: I hope your book does well because I want to read it but I only read bestsellers

Bumiller: Oprah said no to me

Matthews: hey she’s a black woman too!

Andy: she’s smart and a distinguished human being

Matthews: Oprah or Condi?

Borger: condi’s a groundbreaker on Iran

Andy: she’s a zero

Matthews: we know that the Arabs and Israel will start the Apocalypse soon is there any hope??

Bumiller: Matthews you need up your medication

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