Sunday, May 13, 2007

The McLaughlin Group, May 6, 2007

The McLaughlin Group, May 6, 2007

Pat Buchanan: Pelosi and Reid are going to cave in

Clift: Bush is going to have to cave himself on something

Freeland: in the debate GOP all agreed that war is a disaster

Blankley: i'm very concerned about the democrats and they might not stick with the lefties

Clift: surge will fail in September

McLaughlin: May 2007 is the big turning point

Buchanan: no September is

Clift: Pat Buchanan is right, September is it and Maliki government is teh suck

Blankely: this is all phony Eleanor is right because remember Democrats want America to fail

McL: how do we jigger reality

John McLaughlin: Reagan-love what's up

Buchanan: Reagan was the best senile bad actor as President we've ever had

McL: who won the debate

Pat Buchanan: Romney won - Rudy lost

Clift: it was teh Gong Show these guys could not suck any more

Pat: ha ha you're right

Clift: three of them don't even believe in evolution

Pat: no Four!!! ha ha ha

Blankely: these guys are in plenty in touch with American people

CLift: the earth is not 6,000 days old dood

Blank: i'm talking about terrorism Eleanor you belong to a liberal anti-american cult

Clift: i'm laughing at your petty insults

Blank: Politico asked a bunch of liberal questions

McLaughlin: Winner was Ron Paul

McL: Is there a hex on Wolfie - he wrecked American defense and now the World Bank

Blankley: he should be fired we can't support this petty corruption even though i luv he big lug

Pat: i hate him he should be fired

Clift: amen

Blankely: u can't frame a guilty man in other words he should be fired

McLaughlin: yep


Pat Buchanan: Sarkozy wins

WSJ writer: Rupert will buy the Wall St. Journal

Clift: Tommy Thompson will drop out

McLaughlin: Imus will be back!


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