Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hardball - Thursday, May 17

Hardball - Thursday, May 17 (Last Ten Minutes)


Tweety: yur from chicago like teh deep dish

Chicago Reporter: thanx

Tweety: immigration bill is teh fake

Chicago Reporter: its teh song and dance

Tweety: all that jazz

Chicago: yeah

Tweety: im cynical but tomorrow there will still be illegals

Chic: well give it a day

Tweety: will Congress really make it illegal to hire someone legally

Chic: maybe

Tweety: teh angloes luv the fence

Tweety: WSJ supports Abu Wall Street Journal is Shakespearean they also can't get blood off their hands

Ron Reagan: this scandal leads to the White House question is now who was beating up on Ashcroft in the hospital

O'Beirne: im in teh beltway i say this is boooring

Tweety: Ashcroft was in a coma like Michael Douglas in that Crichton movie

O'Beirne: but he followed the balloon with his eyes and he said go ahead and wiretap

Tweety: its like Barzzini in teh Godfather he sleeps with teh fishes

O'Beirne: his sex life is irrelevant dood

Reagan: it was totally illegal

O'Beire: no its legal now

Reagan: how about B4

O'Berine: i dunno

Reagan: well maybe we should r u a citizen or sheeperson

Tweety: wow David Mamet couldn't write this

Reagan: coffee is closers dood now take yur meds tweety

Rosie O'Donnell: invading iraq it like teh terrorism

O'Beirne: poor elizabeth she ain't not Hasselbeck girl she has to sleep with teh looser

Reagan: most americans would not accept $2,000 if their child was killed by an arab soldier in their hometown call me crazy

O'Beirne: the troops! the troops!

Tweety: u go gurl

O'Beirne: im bending over backwards to justify killing civilians

Reagan: Rosie isnt a good poster gurl

Tweety: im a nationalist but there r many people who hate america in know because they disagree with me

O'Beirne: rosie is fat

Tweety: there r gud critics like me who luv America and there are dirty hippie bloggers like that dood who duz teh Bobblespeak Translations who hate america and we must always remember the difference


Anonymous said...

Whenever I see Kate O'Beirne, it reminds me of that old person smell.

Douglas Watts said...

I gave you my front page. You deserve it. Cheers. Doug Watts, Augusta, Maine.