Sunday, May 20, 2007

McLaughlin Group, May 20, 2007

McLaughlin Group, May 20, 2007


McLaughlin: Immigration bill yes or no

Buchanan: its a secret beltway deal for amnesty 20 million illegals its an attack on the Republican base and Ronald Reagan and it could cost Bush the next election

John: wow tough talk

Buchanan: it will destroy the GOP and America!

Clift: its pretty tough on illegal immigrants actually but it may not pass

Blankely: i agree with Pat - but it could pass and Bush will sign it - if he does it will be a civil war in the GOP and he will be remembered as another Hoover

Zuckerman: i'm a businessman and i luv this bill

McLaughlin: you can bring in more indian computer geeks

Zuckerman: there’s a shortage in america of smart people and unskilled workers too

John: do we have an excess of anything?

Zuckerman: blowhard pundits

Clift: how do all these people go home and then come back

Blankely: right

Buchanan: im a friend to african americans and single moms Zuckman dood you are killing America!!!

Zucker: no we have low unemployment

Buchanan: so by bringing in more unskilled workers u take jobs away

Zuckerman: worker shortage!

Clift: not all illegal immigrants are unskilled

Buchanan: this law will destroy America

Clift: immigrants help America

Blankley: i hate it when we encourage people come to America

McL: yur an immigrant

Blankley: thats true

Zuckerman: Report on Olmert devastating

McLaughlin: wow

Zucker: Israelis must respond to attacks by Hamas

McL: peace process?

Zucker: there isn’t one

Clift: Israelis don’t want to get sucked into war in Gaza

Buchanan: Bush gave up all our leverage and has done nothing for seven years!

Blankley: come see the violence inherent in the system

Buchanan: we drove them to that violence

Clift: isolation sux

Zuckerman: they reject modernity

Clift: they’re not billionaires like you Mort - they were born in refugee camps which affects yur view of how wonderful modernity is.

McL: Is Sarkozy a star????

Buchanan: Yes he’s is a star

Clift: sure why not

Zuckerman: he luvs america

McLaughlin: the answer is Yes!

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