Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show, May 6, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show, May 6, 2007


Matthews: are teh GOP stuck

Borger: how do u ask for a 3d term when people hate u???

DuffMan: i still think GOP will do the right thing and get sensible on Iraq in six months

Parker, WaPo: on Labor Day they will see reality

Ignatius: let me continue the fantasy that McCain will change his mind in September

Borger: doods what is yur obsession with September

Ignatuius: the moon will be in teh 7th house

Matthews: is 100 dead too much

Ignatius: 50 dead in one day would be like Tet

Matthews: Iran war -- what's the tripwire can we stop yet another war in the middle east???

Parker: not unless Iran endorses the GOP in 2008

Matthews: but that probably won't happen

Panel: Mitt won the debate

Borger: he was best in show he had everything we want in a President -- he was glib

Parker: yes he was funny i liked it when he said Chris Matthews was full of crap

Matthews: i liked Rudy teh fascist but he didn't blow any trumpets i was bummed

Ignatius: Presidential candidates who believe adam and eve rode dinosaurs to church is very amusing heh heh

Panel: Fred Thompson Rocks!!

Matthews: whats up the with Internets and blogospheres

[shows mocking videos]

Matthews: whoa!

Matthews: why did Tenet not bring Osama info to Bush in August of 2001

Ignatius: dood in 2001 he was trying to bond with Bush he was walking on eggshells he hacked some brush in Texas but he still hadn't gotten a nickname

Borger: the administration cherry-picked

Matthews: they lied

Borger: he wasn't in teh "In Crowd" -- they would all party after school and they didn't invite Tenet - he was at home playing with his CIA toys

Matthews: thats sad

Duffy: then they hung him out to dry

Matthews: whoa mean girlz


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