Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show, May 20, 2007


The Chris Matthews Show, May 20, 2007

Bob Woodward: My buddy Bush needs to ask what is the moral basis for the occupation of Iraq

Chris Matthews: um yeah what is it again

Woodward: he sez Iraq could get violent

David Brooks: I looked in teh eyes of iraqis they will die if we leave

Matthews: surge yes or no

Brooks: We’re on the 5th reel of this movie but iraqis are still sitting thru the previews

Mitchell: Maliki is teh looser - we withdraw in September

Kay: what happens when we leave - al qaeda could move in

Matthews: damm - so will there be a civil war?

Andrea Mitchell: Saudis say we will fight for Sunni minority, plus Iran sez dood be careful we will fight for Shia too

Brooks: im an expert on teh mentality of the bobos in Iraq - they're very primal they're into killing

Matthews: should we stay for 10 years

Kay: dood i wouldn't build a summer home their now

Woodward: it's very violent in Iraq it's almost as bad as Philly

Matthews: hey

Woodward: sorry dood

Chris: regional war?

Brooks: look i know the Saudis really well - did you know that there are only three real countries in the Middle East

Kay: quel idiot

Andrea: look i luv the iraq war and now its a terror base but people there do seem to hate us

Woodward: Saudis fear a war with Iran

Andrea: War Czar may rethink our strategery there

Brooks: i hope they will look into the abyss and freak out and its worth losing a solider a day until xmas to find out

Matthews: catalyst?

Woodward: something bad happening

Matthews: whoa sophisticated analysis

Mattthews: ok we’re back and here i mock Hillary with my lame musical jokes

Panel: heh

Matthews: hillary scares me she waves her hands like eva peron

Chris: i luv bill clinton

Brooks: maneater - evita - jesus christ superstar yeah that makes no sense at all

Chris: yur like teh Phantom of the Op-ed

Matthews: and we’re back let’s talk Third Parties i luv ross perot he’s the reason Clinton won

Chuck Hegel: i would really luv access to Bloomberg's money

Kay: the pundits luv a third party

Brooks: money's not enough they have no issues

Chris: but he’s so cuddly and competent

Brooks: dood that should a minimum requirement not a campaign slogan

Mitchell: this Bloomberg-Hagel thing is for real

Woodward: if only we had some egomanical billionaires in America

Kay: Wolfie was outed because Bush shoved him in pissing everyone off

Woodward: secret memos show iraq was an is a failed state

Brooks: al qaeda moving into Palestine i saw their U-Hauls with a logo of Osama on the side this weekend.

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