Sunday, May 13, 2007

The McLaughlin Group - May 13, 2007

The McLaughlin Group - May 13, 2007


McLaughlin: US economy bad!

Jay Carney: teh ARM loans turned out to be a bad idea who knew

Freeland: god forbid John Edwards be right but yeah he's right

Tony Blankely: dood we have full employment of shitty jobs but with global warming and disasters home repair stocks are up

Maria Bartiromo: wages for hot-looking tv achors are going up

McLaughlin: Paulson?

Bartiromo: He sez Vietnamese stocks are doing well

McLaughlin: why no foreign investment in U.S.?

Carney: inequality is at all time mid-blowing highs which helps Democrats

Bartiromo: protectionism is bad - Dubai should be allowed to buy U.S. ports whats the harm

Freeland: foreigners think people in American don't like them i wonder where they got that idea

McLaughlin: SOX bad?

Carney: no they're in first place

McLaughlin: no stoopid Sarbanes-Oxley

Bartiromo: Paulson didn't really attack Sox

Carney: dood i resent that i'm as smart as Alan Greenspan

Freeland: why is money so cheap?

Blankley: i agree with Jay - Greenspan is teh man but i'm smart too

Maria: no recession

McLaughlin: Dems tough on Iraq whats up

Bartiromo: Dems are with the people

Blankely: polls says teh people wants to pull out even more than the Dems

Carney: Parliament long vacation would change the conversation at the American kitchen table

McLaughlin: The Iraqi parliament can't agree on anything

Iraqi VP: dood government is hard

Blankley: turns out bombing the shit out of Iraq did not turn it into a democratic paradise so we need a new parliament

Freeland: everyone is trying to blame that bad lazy iraqis

Carney: u can't travel within the Green Zone without flak jackets

McLaughlin: Afghanistan has become a total horror show is this because we have stressed the military

Carney: i dunno but it seems logical

Blankely: oh no this kind of thing happens all the time

Maria: its a tragedy

Freeland: this is insane we're supposed to be there to liberate these people not kill them

Blankley: [whiny voice] we killed a lot of French in WWII



Anonymous said...

Yeah, that sounds about right. Except, she was definitely talking about teh White SOX. Stoopid.

But seriously, I watched the show today. As a first time reader, I'm thoroughly impressed at the accuracy of this post, and shall return.

And one last thing: when that women acknowledged that Greenspan was smart, then said he was smarter than here, then stated that he doesn't know everything, how hard were you laughing?

Anonymous said...


Jay Carney is smart, dammit!

Soon I will make arrangements to watch "This Week", via the magic of teh VCR...