Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - May 13, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - May 13, 2007


Matthews: Republicans revolting on teh Preznit

David Gregory: they told him u have no credibility

Casey Stengel: Bushies think they're all wimps after all Hoover is a hero now

Katty Kay: hes a total mental case

Cynthia Tucker: he has a messiah complex - god told him to keep us in iraq with too few troops to succeed

Kay: hes teh Commander Guy

Stengel: Mitt Romney's gonna run as teh guy who thinks the war was badly managed and he can do better after all he ran teh Olympics and Duane Reed

Matthews: teh drugstore is dangerous

Gregory: yeah but was war a bad idea or just badly managed

Matthews: uh yeah

Gregory: no one is talking about the real question which is if we stop teh war in Iraq who do we go to war with next after all we must be at war at all times

Matthews: who made u an expert on teh middle east dood

Kay: but teh base still luvs Bush

Tucker: GOP base are impervious to teh facts shut up about the war

Matthews: i still luv McCain

Gregory: dood he'll stick with Bush

Kay: Tony Bliar is loathed in Britain because he is seen as Bush's poodle

Mattthews: yeah none of the other dogs want to sniff Barney's butt anymore its sad

Gregory: yeah but Blair was right about everything we must crush the middle east infidels!!!

Matthews: i luv teh movies!!!

[shows clip: "David Beckham, Harry Potter, teh Beatles, Bush is a bully"]

Kay: Chris yur crying over "Love Actually" yur so fucking weird dood

Gregory: i was hanging with the queen and I kissed the royal jewels and dood they're real and they're spectacular

Tucker: The Generals are hating on Bush

Stengel: Fred McGruff gave a bad speech

Matthews: Nooooooo!!!!!!!

Matthews: graduation advice

Kay: Travel see the world

Matthews: i luv Aussies

Gregory: thank teh people who allowed you to become teh whore u are today someday u might get to meet teh queen

Tucker: dont run up credit card debt

Matthews: boooorrrriiing!!!

Stengel: dont follow yur bliss study science

Matthews: dood yur with Time magazine

Stengel: ok smart dood - whats yur advice

Matthews: dont ever let anyone tell you mental illness is a barrier to hosting 2 tv shows if thats yur dream



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dood u r hilarious thanx

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i finely get it!