Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hardball - Tuesday, May 29, 3007

Hardball - Tuesday, May 29, 3007


Talbot: bugliosi is a slick lawyer who relies on a rock musician that may have worked on Helter Skelter but this is an assasination not the charlie mansion family

Chris: dood Oswald worked at the Depository beofore the parade route was planned who put the preznit in his line of fire

Talbot: dood Lee Harvey slipped in and out of the USSR like fucking James Bond explain that

Chris: did the Irish mafia kill JFK

Talbot: what the fuck r u talking about

Bugolisi: fuck you both now i wanna talk

Chris: ok go ahead dickhead

Vincent: dood all this is all old news teh acoustics are rock solid i got the guy who did the remix on Walk This Way and Freebird

Talbot: thats not bad

Vincent: Was RFK teh big liar when he said there was no consipiracy?

Talbot: dood he wuz carrying around Kennedy's brain around for evidence - it was a strategic lie

Chris: who killed my prez

Vincent: dood it wuz Oswald all alone but what really bugs me is how obsessive people are about this case and im not exaggerating i figured it out while working on it for 20 years

chris: uh huh

Bugliosi: now Talbot is saying bobby covered up the murder of his own brother

Talbot: no he wuz in fear for his life Hoover had it in for him ever since bobby wouldn't lend him Ethel's clothes when she was out of town

Bugliosi: thats crazy they weren't even the same size

Talbot: lots of people believed in the conspiracy dood

Vincent: do u think LBJ was involved

Talbot: no u r saying that not me

Vincent: yur supremely silly look im shouting

Pat Buchanan: i blame the movie for all this

Tweety: Oliver Stone was totally irresponsible how dare someone present a slanted view on tv or the movies

Herbert: let me trot out the tired cliche that people don't want to believe that a great man can be killed by some lone nut

Pat: all politics is tribal - for example all non-americans are bums

Tweety: Lets talk about my boyfriend Rudy -- how can he be so wonderful?

Herbert: can he maintain this psycho killer smile thru the election

Tweety: did u say erection that's why i'm thinking of!!!

Pat: yes you know i think....

Tweety: sorry all this talk about Rudy and erections means i have to cut the show short and go into my dressing rooom

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metasailor said...

That was hilarious. :) Nice work.