Sunday, August 16, 2015

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – August 16, 2015

Host: Martha Raddatz
Jonathan Karl
Matthew Dowd
Donald Trump
Carly Fiorina
Dr. Ben Carson

Raddatz: OMG one million people 
will visit the Iowa fair!

Raddatz: but it's all trump

Trump: Trump builds great walls

Trump: everything we do in America is wrong

Trump: Americans are losers

Raddatz: Donald Trump is the 
star attraction at the fair!

Raddatz: I got to ride in his helicopter!

Raddatz: other people who 
have led in polls lost

Trump those people were losers

Trump: I would do well with foreign
leaders because people love me

Raddatz: what would do about ISIS?

Trump: go in wipe them out

Raddatz: how?

Trump: Hillary is a loser!

Raddatz: what about Carly Fiorina?

Trump: she's a loser and she
got fired but other than that she's nice

Santorum: who can relate
to the common man more –
a billionaire or an unemployed
sexually repressed hamburger flipper?

Raddatz: you didn't bring your helicopter

Sanders: I left it at home

Raddatz: why do people
love you and hate Hillary

Sanders: there's a deep suspicion
of establishment politicians

[ break ]

Raddatz: Trump is the clear
front-runner but just behind
is doctor Ben Carson

Raddatz: what's up doc

Carson: thanks for having me

Raddatz: you are successful surgeon

Carson: I'm not the smartest person
but I use the talent pool around me

Raddatz: Trump said you can't
be elected because Obama is
a failure and he's black like you are

Carson: he's too focused
on the color of a person's skin

Raddatz: you say Planned Parenthood
wants to kill all black people

Carson: that's right - because
Margaret Sanger believed in eugenics

Raddatz: ok but what you think
Planned Parenthood wants to do now

Carson: Planned Parenthood
wants to commit genocide obviously

Raddatz: can you prove that?

Carson: Sanger was a racist!

Raddatz: what about abortion?

Carson: conception is a
human life-creating event

Raddatz: life begins at conception?

Carson: yes I believe that

Raddatz: I thought said
life begins at the heartbeat

Carson: who can deny that
anything with a heart beat
is a living organism

Raddatz: so you would have
no exceptions to allow for abortion?

Carson: I can't answer that

Raddatz: okay let's move on

Raddatz: how do you defeat ISIS?

Carson: provide leadership

Raddatz: how?

Carson: we have to initially invade
then we'll get other countries on board

Raddatz: how many U.S. troops? 100,000?

Carson: I don't pretend
to know things like that

[ break ]

Raddatz: welcome Carly

Fiornia: welcome to Illinois Martha

Trump: I can't criticize Carly
because she's a woman!

Raddatz: what's your reaction 
to the Trump saying that?

Fiorina: insults are not helpful
like when Obama is mean

Raddatz: is Trump alienating women?

Fiorina: everyone is sick
of the professional class

Raddatz: right

Fiorina: we have to secure our borders!

Raddatz: you bash Hillary for playing 
the gender card but you do the same thing

Fiorina: well half the nation are
women and we should elect a
woman just me and not her

Raddatz: why is that?

Fiorina: because conservative policies
work better except for the recessions
and wars and terror attacks

Raddatz: what about Hillary's e-mails?

Fiorina: Hillary lied about Benghazi
and lied about her e-mails and Obama is mean

Raddatz: I see

Fiorina: and of course she passed
on classified information to the
enemy because of course she did

Raddatz: you Hillary Clinton
has blood on her hands

Fiorina: yes because she talked
about a video the next day after Benghazi

Raddatz: how is that having
blood on her hands?

Fiorina: she apologized to terrorists
which means there is open season
to murder Americans and also Obama is mean

Raddatz: what would you have done in Libya?

Fiorina: Obama is terrible because
he saved lives by intervening in
Libya but not in Syria

Raddatz: well he went into Libya
and Republicans turned four
Americans killed into the biggest
scandal of all time and said he
had blood on his hands

Fiorina: right – it's terrible!

Raddatz: so we shouldn't have 
gone into Libya but we must pour 
troops into Syria and Iraq

Fiorina: exactly

Raddatz: but more than four
Americans would surely be killed
would you then have blood on your hands?

Fiorina: the dictator of Jordan
happens to be a good friend of mine

Raddatz: that's very nice

Fiorina: we need to invade Syria!

Raddatz: okay okay

Fiorina: also we need to
re-invade Iraq to defeat ISIS!

Raddatz: thanks for coming Carly

[ break ]

Raddatz: OMG Trump is
giving helicopter rides

Raddatz: why is the Donald
Trump so darn popular??

Dowd: why do you like the Trump?

Voter: he knows nothing
about the issues – I really like that

Voter: he has no impulse control!
- it's fun
Dowd: what worries you?

Voter: he might be insane

Dowd: he's also a bully

Voter: no that doesn't bother me at all

Voter: Megyn Kelly is mean

Dowd: why the hell do you 
all idiots like Trump?!?

Voter: it's a gut feeling

Voter: something in my 
lizard brain tells me he should 
control our nuclear weapons

Raddatz: why Trump? Why??

Dowd: it's his personality

Raddatz: really?

Dowd: it's all gut – no head

Raddatz: wow

Dowd: the things pundits said
would destroy him – the racism,
the sexism, stupidity, name calling
they all help!

Raddatz: the pundits were wrong?

Dowd: arrrraahhhh!!!!

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