Sunday, August 23, 2015

Meet The Press – August 23, 2015

Carly Fiorina
Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA)
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)
Sen. Jodi Ernst (R-IA)
Alex Castellanos – GOP Strategist
Charlie BlackGOP Strategist
Howard Dean
Peter Hart – Democratic pollster
Alfonso Aguilar – Latino Republican
Susan PageUSA Today
Jon RalstonRalston Reports
Amy WalterCook Political Report

Todd: the Hillary e-mails!

Todd: Trump is here to stay!

Todd: we'll ask Trump about Hillary's e-mails!

Todd: and talk to Carly Fiorina who is surging!

Todd: but first the Clinton e-mails!

Todd: Biden met with Liz Warren

Todd: Trump! Trump! Trump!

Todd: we sent a reporter to figure
why on earth people support a
dishonest bigot with no impulse control

Trump Supporter: he's not politically correct

Trump Supporter: I'm a Democrat 
but I like him

Trump Supporter: everyone is 
too polite these days

Trump Supporter: he believes things

Trump Supporter: I trust him

Trump Supporter: he says what's on his mind

Trump Supporter: he turning everything upside down!

Trump Supporter: he's our microphone!

Todd: you two guys are the 
Establishment Trump hates

Black: Trump is the vehicle for
people who are frustrated with
how terrible Obama is

Black: he like a rich Pat Buchanan

Todd: how do you stand out if
you're a bland non-entity like Scott Walker

Castellanos: Trump is sucking up
all the oxygen in the room
Todd: I've only heard that cliché
twenty dozen times

Castellanos: he's not going to be the nominee

Black: that's right – he's not!

Castellanos: I mean hopefully maybe

Black: oh god

Todd: all the other candidates must
ask themselves about Donald Trump
Fuck, Marry, Kill?

Black: Trump is a liberal Democrat
who kills babies and even worse
wants to give people health care

Todd: you keep saying that
he yet keeps picking up GOP voters

Castellanos: Trump is a manly candidate!

Todd: yes!

Castellanos: Obama is a weak female
candidate who didn't bomb Syria
making Republicans very sad

Black: when people find out
Trump's positions he will fail

Todd: so you say

Black: I consider him a close
friend of mine but he's insane

Paul: Trump is a bombastic fool
delivering empty platitudes and
Republicans have to decide if
that's what they want

Jansing: well the did elect Bush twice

Paul: good point

Todd: Trump has somehow
made birthright citizenship an issue

Aguilar: I'm a Republican but if
candidates agree with Trump
they are doomed – dooooomed!

Todd: oooooh

Aguilar: Scott Walker is
done with Latino voters!

Todd: and everyone else

Todd: Beltway pundits are
geniuses as we all know but
we're always wrong about Trump

Susan: it's not inconceivable pundits
don't know what they are talking about

Walter: there are Laws of Politics
that always apply just like the
Law of Gravity or Laws of Attraction

Todd: but we're on Mars

Walter: GOP voters won't be willing
to lose the election just cast a
protest vote for a lunatic billionaire

Ralston: pundits have to learn
three amazing words: I. Don't. Know

Todd: no! No! Pundits know
everything about anything!

Ralston: these same pundits said
he wouldn't run and that he would
flame out after he called Mexicans rapists
and when he bashed John McCain and
when kicked that girl scout holding a puppy

Todd: good points Jonathan

[ break ]

Todd: welcome Donald Trump

Trump: thanks – who the hell are you?

Todd: conservatives say
you're too close to the Clintons

Trump: Hillary is a criminal
and if she runs it will a miracle

Todd: you said she was a
bad Secretary of State

Trump: she's the worst Secretary
of State in American history!

Todd: who was the worst before her?

Trump: John Kerry

Todd: there's no nuance with you
everything is either The Best Ever
or The Worst Ever – you're like a
Buzzfeed article with a ferret on your head

Trump: the entire world fell apart on her watch!

Todd: the Arab Spring is her fault?

Trump: yes!

[ break ]

Todd: omg the Clinton
e-mails won't go away!

Clinton: I did not e-mail
any classified material

Clinton: I didn't send any
material classified at the time

Clinton: I did not send any
material marked classified

Clinton: the server will remain private!

Clinton: I handed over my server okay!

Todd: those are evolving answers!

Dean: not really

Todd: maybe so but she
didn't handle this well

Dean: they're classifying
material after the fact

Todd: but the story won't go away!

Hart: she fumbling now but
she's tough a cookie

Todd: would it be good for
her if Biden got in the race?

Dean: she's a great lawyer but
she needs to be a better candidate

Todd: is there time for Biden to get in?

Hart: he's a white man
but Hillary is white too

Todd: wise observation

Todd: he met with Elizabeth Warren

Dean: that's a smart move

Hart: voters are angry and anxious

Dean: that's why in the end
Hillary Clinton will win this election

[ break ]

Todd: Jerry Brown you said the
e-mail controversy would not
go away and you were right

Brown: it's got a dark energy like a vampire

Todd: well put

Brown: it prowls like
an electric zombie

Todd: does she need
to handle this better?

Brown: it buzzes and keeps
buzzing like a giant hornet from space

Todd: would you like to
see Joe Biden get in?

Brown: I don't know – why the hell not?

Todd: People are comparing
Bernie Sanders to Jerry Brown

Brown: compared to who?

Todd: that's you

Brown: oh right

Todd: is Sanders like your
campaign in 1992?

Brown: there's always room
for the critic and outsider

Todd: will Clinton be the nominee?

Brown: I have no idea – probably?

Todd: why don't you run for President?

Brown: Because I'm busy fixing
the eighth-largest economy in
the world and the worst drought
since Chicago Cubs

[ break ]

Ralston: the average American
is asking why she had a private
e-mail server in the first place

Todd: uh-huh

Ralston: and don't joke about it!

Todd: If she can't handle this
scandal how can she defeat ISIS?

Walter: she says she will fight for
the average American but the regular
guy doesn't have a private e-mail server

Page: I want Biden to run with Warren!

Todd: how awesome would that be?

Page: Biden would help Clinton
she was at her best when she
was pushed by Obama

Todd: the GOP wants to talk about
Clinton's e-mails and Democrats
want to talk about immigration

Audience: both sides do it

Aguilar: she won't provide
all her e-mails!

Todd: who is the tougher
opponent – Clinton or Biden?

Aguilar: oh Clinton for sure

Todd: could Biden win?

Ralston: there is no evidence
that he could set up an
organization in Nevada

Walter: he has no natural constituency
on the left like youth or gender or
race or being a big lefty

Page: on the other hand pundits
lately have been wrong about everything

Todd: ha ha so true

[ break ]

Todd: oh no so sad the Iowa
State Fair ends today

Todd: would you shut down
the government over planned parenthood?

Ernst: that's very serious

Todd: but no shut down?

Ernst: I think we can avoid it

Todd: ooh a Republican who doesn't
want to shut down the government!

[ break ]

Todd: everyone knows Carly Fiorina
won the kiddie table debate

Todd: welcome Carly

Fiorina: good afternoon Ted

Todd: you're a smarty –
what did the stock market drop?

Fiorina: the federal reserve
has to stop printing money!

Todd: you're running as an outsider

Fiorina: I am an outsider!

Todd: but you keep trying to get inside

Fiorina: because I'm a concerned citizen!

Todd: concerned with what?

Fiorina: my career

Todd: aren't you a businessperson?

Fiorina: as if any sane person would hire me!

Todd: so why should people vote for you?

Fiorina: I know how the process works!

Todd: you were the captain of
the ship and crashed it and HP sank

Fiorina: I stand by my record!

Todd: what about the 14th Amendment?

Fiorina: I would not amend the Constitution!

Todd: wow that's so liberal of you

Fiorina: I prefer to call it “not crazy”

Todd: Trump calls you a loser

Fiorina: Trump is acting like another typical politician

Todd: oh snap and a twist

Fiorina: we must secure the
border and it's no rocket science

Todd: what about illegal immigrants

Fiorina: birthright citizenship
is another bright shiny object
to distract stupid and racist primary voters

Todd: that seems to be 
quite a few of them

Fiorina: maybe

Todd: you're not hateful enough

Fiorina: I would refuse any pathway to citizenship!

Todd: you admire Hillary Clinton

Fiorina: she lied about Benghazi
by talking about a video and
not blaming terrorists

Todd: you believe she purposefully lied?

Fiorina: yes because she loves
terrorists and hates America!

Todd: the drought and fires in
California are caused by climate change

Fiorina: liberal politicians let our
precious fluids flow into the ocean and
that's really dumb

Brown: that's utter ignorance
a dam doesn't cause it to rain you fool

Fiorina: it's good to have water

Todd: it's even better with whiskey

Fiorina: droughts are bad but politicians caused it

Todd: at Hewlett-Packard
you had quotas for women

Fiorina: yes!

Todd: what about cyber security

Fiorina: we need private and public collaboration

Todd: we all know that

Fiorina: we've known for a
decade the Chinese are coming
for extra-marital affair information

Todd: is Carly Fiorina a top tier candidate?

Aguilar: nah – maybe for some job
no one wants like food taster or Vice President

Todd: she's running for Vice President isn't she?

Page: she's straightforward

Todd: a bit

Page: she knows what she thinks
which in this field of candidates is amazing

Walter: she's never going 
to out-bombast Trump

Todd: she wrecked Hewlett Packard

Ralston: it was a disaster – she can
blame other people but it's still a bad record

Todd: how is she doing in Nevada?

Ralston: she met with Sheldon Adelson

Todd: Jimmy Carter said he wishes
he sent one more helicopter to
rescue the hostages so he would
have been re-elected

Todd: they never get over it!

Page: look at Mitt Romney!

Todd: McGovern and Mondale
never ever got over it

Walter: they never forget the people
who supported them early and
really remember those who didn't

Todd: a Jeb Bush Super PAC
photoshopped Jeb Bush's head
on a black guy's body

Page: everybody wins

Todd: is this super PAC
run by dumb people?

Aguilar: Democrats fear Jeb
because he's part Latino

Todd: and that's another
episode of Meet the Press