Sunday, August 16, 2015

Most Ridiculous Moment - August 16, 2015


It was an exciting day on the Sunday talk shows. The pundits got to mingle with the regular folk of the heartland at the Iowa state fair, talking with the corn farmers who will pick the next Commander in Chief, eating an endless variety of friend foods, and most exciting of all, riding in Donald Trump's helicopter!

ABC's This Week began thusly: “all eyes on Iowa. Donald Trump bringing his front-runner campaign 
to the state fair, the center of the political universe... Let's say Hillary doesn’t draw this kind of crowd,” and “We are right there with him in the chopper, 
with the crowds," and “It's just one person who 
managed to steal the show this weekend. 
We were with billionaire and GOP front-runner 
Donald Trump every step of the way, 
Trump front and center from the start.”

Host Martha Raddatz reported giddily, “can Donald Trump keep up this momentum?” and “Even before his helicopter landed, Donald Trump was the star attraction at the Iowa State Fair this weekend. Forget the livestock and the fried-on-the-stick delicacies. 
It was Trump, Trump, Trump," and “When the billionaire candidate finally descended from 
the sky, we joined a few lucky kids for a ride better than any roller coaster. “

Mark Halperin posted a selfie with Donald Trump on his helicopter, while Chuck Todd did them one better, snagging an interview on Trump's private jet.

But it wasn't all about Trump. Carly Fiorina appeared on ABC to say Obama's insults are what's wrong with politics, and also that he and Clinton have blood on their hands for encouraging terrorists to kill Americans. Ben Carson also stopped by to say Planned Parenthood is trying to kill African Americans as part of their ongoing eugenics program, and Trey Gowdy was on as part of 
the shows' ongoing attempt to create a 
scandal out of Benghazi / e-mails.

All three shows engaged in the requisite Hillary bashing, with Meet The Press openly seeking Iowa voters who loved in her in 2008, but hate her now. Most weirdly, conservative commenter Ron Fournier said on CBS that six months ago he would have worked for the Clinton campaign, but now just he can't trust her.

The media loves Bernie Sanders, but mostly so he'll attack Clinton, and so they can insist he is the same as Donald Trump, which Chuck Todd did again.

But of course, it was nearly all about the Trump.

Martha Raddatz defended Trump to former Governor Branstad, saying “Donald Trump is going around in that helicopter. They didn't seem to mind that here, these plain folks, as you say,” and 
“You can't beat that, right?”

Talking substance, on Meet The Press, Trump said all undocumented residents, even children, must be forcibly deported, saying “they have to go,” 
and once he's accomplished this, people will 
be “so happy.”

He would allow abortion “if the mother is close to death,” and observed the problem with allowing abortion for the health of the mother is “you have 
a cold and you’re having an abortion?”

He said he would re-invade Iraq, claim ownership of their oil, and use the profits to compensate the families of the soldiers killed during the re-invasion. He said for military expertise he watches cable news, but also cited Medal of Honor recipient Col. Jack Jacobs, and noted lunatic John Bolton.

He demanded President Obama release his college records, but refused to release his, saying the President has to do it first. He said the last time America was great was under Ronald Reagan, until reminded he said in 1987 the world was laughing 
at America's politicians.

So Hillary is doomed, because some they found some people at a fair in Iowa to say so, and Bernie Sanders has the same voters as Donald Trump, because of balance. Except Donald Trump is huge, because kids love his helicopter rides. Trump says “everything” America does “is wrong,” but you'll love his wall, his deportations, and his wars, which will turn a profit – certainly good news for the lucky families of the soldiers killed. 
And that's the most ridiculous thing that 
happened this Sunday.

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