Sunday, February 17, 2008

This Week with George Stephanopoulos with John McCain - February 17, 2008

This Week with George Stephanopoulos
February 17, 2008
Guest: Sen. John McCain

Stephanopoulos: you and Lieberman want to end greenhouse gases

McCain: it's a mandatory free market approach

Stephanopoulos: oh

McCain: it will make profits because it will force GE to do the smart thing

Stephanopoulos: are you George Bush?

McCain: no Bush is a cowardly big spender and Obama is a pork barrel liberal taxer

Stephanopoulos: they want to cut taxes

McCain: maybe people want their taxes raised

Stephanopoulos: who should run health care

McCain: families should do it

Stephanopoulos: what the fuck does that mean

McCain: let grandpa do surgery he's retired

Stephanopoulos: everyone in the GOP hates you

McCain: that's true

Stephanopoulos: Limbaugh says he secretly supports you by bashing you

McCain: fuck him he's a fat bloated drug addict

Stephanopoulos: will you nominate another David Souter?

McCain: no i've been carrying water for George Bush

Stephanopoulos: vice presidency?

McCain: i won't take it

Stephanopoulos: no, i mean who would you choose?

McCain: oh i will do anything to placate the crazies

Stephanopoulos: everyone hates Republicans

McCain: who better to re-energize the party than a 75 year old invalid

Stephanopoulos: how did you come back from your failure?

McCain: i was in Baghdad in the 4th of July and decided i didn't want to surrender to muslims

Stephanopoulos: last question what's that thing on your face?

McCain: does the name Kuato mean anything to you?


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