Monday, February 11, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - February 10, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
February 10, 2008

Matthews: Obama wins! but now what??

Healy: there are lots of blacks in the tidewater it's gonna be a happy valentines for mr handsome

Kornbluth: hillary will lose the crabby and clammy states

Kay: she will win Ohio because they are very depressed

Matthews: me too

Kay: Obama is doing better with the latinos who don't know any black people

Tweety: why did Hillary win Pennsylvania?

Allen: it's not for 2 months yellow haid

Tweety: yeah but look into ur crystal balls

Tweety: white ward leaders hate blacks

Healy: She's the new Boss Tweed

Matthews: I'm Boss Tweety

Allen: Obama appeals to our higher Emotions

Tweety: Amen!

Kay: he draws crowds but then votes break away from the Black Messiah

Kornbluth: she's a machine

Tweety: she's the Borg

Kornbluth: Resistance is Futile

Hillary: i'm tougher than McCain

Barack: i'm more credible than McCain

Healy: he's raising a million dollars a day

Matthews: wow that's like Exxon's champagne and cigars budget

Kornbluth: mitt romney dropped out because he was scared of a black man and a girl

Allen: McCain wants to appeal to xians by killing muslims

Healy: McCain will hibernate now and reappear in the late spring

Tweety: running mates?

Allen: maybe - they like each other

Healy: no way hillary takes number two

Tweety: but how do you say no

Healy: no one shoves anything down Hillary's throat

Hillary: i can go toe to toe with david shuster or the republicans

Obama: i'm from chicago i will bring a gun and a knife to a debate that's the chicago way

McCain: i can win reagan democrats although they never existed and are mostly dead

Rush: McCain hates the GOP so fuck him

Coulter: I will campaign for Hillary over McCain

DeLay: fuck that Rodentine POW

Tweety: i am in love with him

Kay: Democrats are going to turn out in droves to get rid of the Era of President Stupid

Kornbluth: true conservatives despise Hillary and McCain appeals to independents

Healy: Rush really wants to Hillary as President

Allen: Huskter is a liberal too

Tweety: the wingnuts want to whine for four years that makes them happy

Kay: the kids today like Obama - not so much for Hillary

Kornbluth: McCain - Clinton friendship will hurt them both

Tweety: JFK and Nixon were orgy buddies but that didn't hurt them

Healy: Hillary won't drop out

Tweety: too bad

Tweety: 2 more debates who wins?

Kay: she says they help her

Matthews: gee what an insight

Allen: it doesn't mattter it's popularity vs organization

Healy: Obama because he needs the exposure

Tweety: it'll be a slugfest!

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