Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - February 17, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
February 17, 2008


Chris Matthews: Hillary is a problem solver and Obama is dreamer!

David Gregory: he's got their hearts and she's got their heads

Matthews: he's got my balls

Freeland: but she's doesn't have executive experience

Brooks: he's running against politics and she's running to be the worrier-in-chief

Matthews: how can she win?

Brooks: remind people her husband slept with an intern

Liz Bumiller: the Commentariat sez he's a messyiah

Gregory: women like her but why surrender the vision and hope thing to Obama??

Matthews: good point

Gregory: he's a savior she's another maggie thatcher

Freeland: Latte Libel!

Matthews: college grads are evil snobs

Bumiller: women are inspired but she can't get caught up in gender politics

Matthews: is she change or not??

Brooks: no because it's Clinton's third term - but hey look she can still win

Gregory: her strength is experience even though she doesn't have any

McCain: trusting in the american people is a fucking platitude - now get off the white house lawn!!!!

Panel: he's toast

Gregory: no one wants McCain who is a just a crazy version of President Stupid

Brooks: Obama is the Most Liberal Senator Ever!!!!!!

Bumiller: He's an Orthodox Liberal

Matthews: wow i thought he was muslim

Panel: he will win but he must visit a factory -- i am david brooks friend to the working man

Matthews: ha ha ha ha irrelevant stupid jokes are they way we should elect presidents

ha ha ha ha ha

Matthews: wow what a great line pharmaceuticals i love it

Can Hillary win by saying something stupid?

Gregory: she did dumbass

Bumiller: she cried that's it

Matthews: so sad i'm rooting for although i hate her

Matthews: should POW John smear Obama?

Freeland: McCain is crazy it could backfire

Gregory: oh they will smear him so much it will make your head spin

Bumiller: liberal, taxer, surrender to terror, etc

Brooks: he didn't trade cattle futures so he is immune from criticism

Matthews: i love you Brooksie you are what I call "DC Stupid"

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