Monday, February 11, 2008

60 Minutes - February 10, 2008 - Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton

60 Minutes
February 10, 2008
Steve Kroft, Katie Couric
Sen. Barack Obama
Sen. Hillary Clinton

Kroft: Obama people love you so why are you an underdog?

Obama: because she is Hillary Clinton - she is an institution and the Establishment and hooked into the machine

Kroft: you have 700 staffers and 600,000 volunteers

Obama: yeah we rock

Kroft: you have a nice resume but it's not presidential now is it?

Obama: no i ran harvard law review and my Senate office?

Kroft: anything really big?

Obama: this campaign jackass

Kroft: you’re just too young

Obama: I'm Google and she is Microsoft

Kroft: you hate the Clintons

Obama: the Clintons are the DC status quo

Kroft: what is different about you?

Obama: she accepts the rules of the game in DC and i don't

Kroft: you inspire people but that’s all

Obama: i used to be boring and people bitched about that

Kroft: ok dish me Iraq specifics

Obama: it's still a fucking civil war and no way should we be there for a 100 fucking years

Kroft: oh c'mon Barack it's a damm paradise

Obama: well then let's leave

Kroft: but the violence!

Obama: make up you’re fucking mind dude

Kroft: you think she can't win because she is a polarizer

Obama: undoubtedly

Kroft: but you’re weak against the Rove machine

Obama: hey i've been up against the Clinton machine

Kroft: will you bring up whitewater and monica

Obama: no i assume you will

Kroft: have u been fucked up by all this

Obama: yes i have been losing REM sleep but i play basketball to relieve stress

Kroft: well u r black

Obama: hey even i am amazed at how far i've gotten

Kroft: yeah u and everyone else mr handsome

Couric: you told me you’re not a loser - -did u lie?

Clinton: no bitch

Couric: but tell me in you’re deepest darkest moments - you suck right

Clinton: no in my darkest moments i imagine bill fucking katie couric in the green room while i yak with matt lauer

Couric: hey that was one time

Clinton: i take vitamins, wash my hands alot and eat tons of hot peppers

Couric: jesus you’re turning into howard hughes

Clinton: I’m the wave of the future

Couric: face it - people love Obama and hate you

Clinton: well i love him too - who wouldn't - but this is serious we have big problems and people want shit done hell i had vince foster killed because he parked in my spot

Couric: do you hate Obama or love him

Clinton: i dreamed all my life of being alone with a young black man

Couric: you told him to keep his head down

Clinton: oh how i wish he had

Couric: you imply he has skeletons in his closet

Clinton: people already know all the evil shit i've done and that helps

Couric: people think that you are tough but bitchy

Clinton: hey i get shit done and piss people off

Couric: Obama says you’re a lobbyist and a DC insider

Clinton: i have ovaries and I’m a Clinton i hate Bush and all he stands for

Couric: but you supported the war

Clinton: no i didn't

Couric: oh you objected to invading in 2003?

Clinton: eh the point is i'm against it now

Couric: you're father was a son of a bitch

Clinton: no he was a motivator

Couric: like the Great Santini

Clinton: would daddy stil say you’re a looser

Couric: yes i must be a two termer

Couric: you’re high school nickname was Frigidaire

Clinton: I heard your was Easy Like Sunday Morning

Couric: what will you do if you lose

Clinton: i will be a senator from NY stupid

Couric: oh ok well thanks for coming ice queen

Clinton: takes one to know one frosty

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