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MEET THE PRESS with Ralph Nader - February 24, 2008 -

Meet The Press
February 24, 2008
Guest: Ralph Nader

Russert: will you run for President and help elect another Republican?

Nader: Look at Frank Luntz and Palestine anyone would conclude a lunatic like me should run for president

Russert: oh of course

Nader: the Pentagon spends a lot of money

Rusert: but they have invisible jets!

Nader: the nation is clamoring to repeal the Taft Hartley Act

Russert: oh definitely

Nader: i don't want to run but the people are demanding I run for example all the anti-slavery advocates

Russert: you elected George W. Bush

Nader: doesn't matter Jeb Bush would have stolen another 97,000 votes

Russert: is that the deal you had with him?

Nader: no the Mayor of Miami is responsible for Gore losing

Russert: you’re full of excuses

Nader: i'm amazed at the commie liberal intelligentsia who hate the voters

Russert: you’re a crackpot

Nader: get over it let's have multiple choice

Russert: you’re a spoiler

Nader: no they spoiled the system by suppressing me

Russert: Obama sez yur an egomanical nut

Nader: Obama is brilliant

Russert: so why not support him?

Nader: he has no sympathy for deaths of Palestinians and he should get involved in the Israeli intellectual peace movement

Russert: isn't that another country?

Nader: Congress has to solve the Israeli land issue

Russert: how will you feel about handing the election to the GOP?

Nader: it won't be so bad they are only criminals and evil and McCain is a vicious war monger

Russert: do you even see any differences between Dems and the GOP

Nader: Obama is a corporate lackey with no courage to get things done for the American people

Russert: do you have the courage to run for the Senate and get things done for the American people?

Nader: i have the courage to preen once every four years and talk about how wonderful I am

Russert: you’re old

Nader: David Letterman is very, very unfair

Russert: he's a fucking comedian dumbass

Nader: i will receive no money except from Republicans

Russert: will you waste money like Hillary?

Nader: no i will not buy any doughnuts

Russert: you have ruined your reputation by acting like a complete jackass

Nader: people die from hospital infections - only I can stop that

Russert: are you completely psychotic

Nader: it will be very easy for the Green party to turn over Congress and win the White House if we organize

Russert: dude you got lost on your way from the Green Room

[ break ]

Russert: Oooh it's a close one Obama barely leads in elected delegates

CTodd: she could win big three out of four states and still be screwed

Timmy: why?

CTodd: Texas chooses their delegates based on who can outrun longhorn steers in downtown Fort Worth and he's a very fast runner

Tim: well that is strange

Norris: it's worse than that - she has to run in high heels - the rules are really against her in Texas

Tim: wow that sounds bad

Russert: Hillary went ballistic this week what happened to the nice white lady?

Goodwin: she took the high road knowing she would lose but then Obama brought up that she supported NAFTA in 1996 and that is just very low politics

Russert: She says Obama is just like George W Bush because Bush promised change just like Barack does

Brooks: What the fuck does that even mean? i admire her but this ridiculous and anyway it's all slipping away from the campaign

Tim: why did they lose?

Brooks: because he's young and hungry like Mr. T in Rocky III

Norris: the Clinton campaign is accusing someone else of having no shame is really amazing

Obama: words matter look at the Declaration of Independence

Timmy: wow he stole line that from Thomas Jefferson

Obama: yeah but Jefferson stole it from John Locke

Clinton: that guy from “Lost” is running Obama's campaign and that's not real change

Goodwin: who among us hasn't committed plagiarism now and then

Tim: hell i though Deval Patrick and Obama were the same guy

Brooks: they're not? oh wow

Russert: Hillary steals lines too

Brooks: all they do is talk, talk, talk, - it ruins your brain

Russert: well that explains why i forgot how to use a spoon

CTodd: they just cannot believe they're losing to a state senator

Norris: they're trying to flush him out and make him the bad guy

Russert: will he take the Clinton bait?

Norris: no he’s too dignified

Timmy: Hillary took from Carter who took from Nixon who took from FDR who took it from some Hayes in 1876 who took it from Cicero who took from Og of the Wolf Clan who took from John McCain

Brooks: she should attack Obama on why he wasn't one of the Gang of 14 who have brought us wonderful bipartisanship

Goodwin: yeah that will work stupid

Russert: McCain is pure i love it

Norris: he was winning against the NY Times but then he fucked up by lying

Russert: but he can't lie

Norris: that was true until he became a presidential nominee

Ctodd: he is fucked because he has no money

Goodwin: so sad reporters knew Harding had an affair with Churchill but never said anything - they just sent Warren to the Orient

Russert: how did that go

Goodwin: it helped America

Brooks: who among us has not written letters in exchange to the FCC for $20,000 in cash?

Goodwin: McCain benefits from the Clenis now no one cares about sex

Timmy: McCain owns national security but Obama says he at least was against the whole concept of invading Iraq

Todd: he finally proved he could be a commander by giving that line

Russert: our young Jedi is learning

Todd: McCain really isn't good after 5:00 p.m.

Brooks: the election will depend on how terrified voters are

Goodwin: John McCain could be president how could you not be?

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