Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - February 24, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
February 24, 2008

Matthews: even Bill Clinton sez they have win Texas and Ohio -- was the debate her valedictory?

Rather: no i thought it was a home run

Borger: Bill is right but even if she wins both states she still in trouble

Tweety: Barack is crushing her

Fineman: i think she is planning an exit strategy

Tweety: so she is out

Fineman: no she is back in to win it

Tweety: what if she splits 'em?

Fineman: she's Norma Rae!

Noron: whitey voted for Obama in Cheeseland

Matthews: why?

Noron: he wins on iraq, poverty, commanding and economy

Rather: if she wins the rest of the states she could still win

Borger: um, yeah, sure, dude

Rather: no let me babble some more if a frog was in a frying pan you wouldn't need a duck in the freezer

Tweety: white men don't like her or him

Borger: Norah knows alot about this

Tweety: the Ficus vote?

Noron: she will do anything to win because it's not about her it's about the people

Borger: but they don't want a humiliation either

Fineman: they're still fighting - shocking, I know

Tweety: why don't all politicians use footnotes in all their speeches - Howard why am I talking about this?

Fineman: because you a total idiot who is slowly destroying America

Matthews: oh

McCain: i hate influence peddlers

Tweety: he is so honest but omg he might have had sex

Rather: it’s only a story if they have pics of the McPenis

Noron: he's dumped teh media for the crazies

Borger: let's hope he didn't lie - like he best had never have a met a lobbyist, like, ever

Fineman: doesn't matter the dude is hip deep in lobbying

Matthews: oh noes!!!!!!

Fineman: no believes McCain can really have sex

Noron: that's true its about sexethics

Borger: he's holier than thou

Rather: they NYT is in more trouble that a beaver in a sugar factory

Matthews: tell me something I don’t know

Noron: white men will decide this election

Tweety: doan diss me bubblehead

Rather: voting machines don't work this will help Clinton or Obama

Borger: Nancy Pelosi will bitch slap Hillary

Fineman: Knives are out at Camp Clinton

Tweety: dunkin donuts are so elitist!!!!

Matthews: Oscars predictions!

Noron: Juneau cause i love alaska

Matthews: yur done

Borger: the preggy teen

Rather: Blood!

Fineman: Scary Lawyer

Matthews: teh Lawyer wins!

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