Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Week with George Stephanolpous - January 10, 2010

January 10, 2010
Christine Romer
Robert Reich
Al Hunt
Judy Woodruff
Liz Cheney
George Will
Stephanopoulos: Christine the economy sucks - what went wrong?

Romer: hey we’re losing lots of jobs but not
as many as before

Stephanopoulos: sure only because eventually everyone in the US will be unemployed

Romer: then we will be poised for a turnaround

Stephanopoulos: what does Obama think about
all this

Romer: he’s a TNT motherfucker!

Stephanopoulos: so are we totally fucked

Romer: the real question is will enough jobs be created to be us ot be reelected

Stephanopoulos: but not enough to keep
Timmy’s job?

Romer: ha no

Stephanopoulos: what are doing to turn America around?

Romer: we stimulated the economy and now its up to America’s crappy businesses

Stephanopoulos: even John McCain’s economist thinks we need a new stimulus

Romer: we can promote clean energy and cut taxes

Stephanopoulos: that’s all

Romer: we could fill every pothole in America

Stephanopoulos: whoa whoa - we want to end the recession not give every person on earth a job

Stephanopoulos: Joe Sestak says your health plan will tax poor union workers

Romer: no the President is willing to fight for this

Stephanopoulos: oh this he’s going to fight for?

Romer: darn right

Stephanopoulos: union workers are pissed
off at you

Romer: they’ll get over it when their plans are dropped and they don’t have to pay the tax

Stephanopoulos: experts say the plan will increase health care costs

Romer: oh you can’t trust those people

Stephanopoulos: that was your actuary

Romer: pish posh

Stephanopoulos: Wall Street banks are still giving away massive bonuses after getting welfare

Romer: yeah that’s too bad

Stephanopoulos: what are you doing about it

Romer: make a sternly worded phone call

Stephanopoulos: not a letter?

Romer: let’s not go too far

Stephanopoulos: right

[ break ]

Will: we need to cut taxes - that will solve everything

Reich: this is very scary

Hunt: the problem is only psychological
- people need to stop complaining and gets jobs yakking on tv

Liz Cheney: Obama blew the deficit and
that is terrible

Stephanopoulos: Dick said “deficits don’t matter”

Cheney: never heard of him

Woodruff: we need to calm down and not
do anything

Reich: people are angry that big businesses are making a lot of money in failing economy

Will: since people are uncertain about whether health care will pass business will never hire people

Cheney: right - capitalists are going Galt!

Stephanopoulos: Ahnold says Nebraska got the corn and dey gottda husk

Hunt: the Democrats have to pass something
even if it sucks

Woodruff: GOP are licking their chops

Stephanopoulos: ewww

Reich: the elections this year are about jobs

Will: suddenly America is worried about paying
for stuff

Stephanopoulos: right

Will: all the Congressional Democrats from California will do whatever Ahnold says

Liz Cheney: Obama is not answering questions about the terror attacks he caused

Stephanopoulos: no he spoke about the Nigeria bomber

Cheney: I meant how he caused 9/11

Stephanopoulos: right



Sharkbabe said...

Cheney: I meant how he caused 9/11

Stephanopoulos: right

Our librul media in a nutshell. Wouldn't be surprised if those were direct quotes.

Gary Reginald Dodge said...

There is enough blame to be thrown around that both Party's have ample ammunition to attack each other over such trivialities as whether The President is black enough, or not black enough. I think we will be truly liberated when a direct descendant of African slaves is elected to the Highest Offices in the Land: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America, but I am willing to, as 62-million AMERICANS who elected our current Leader are, accept an accomplished leader in his own right... Nobody cares about such trivial things as race, but what they do care about are the Radical Right, and the Closet-Marxists in our midst, and we ALL know who THEY are, because, " will know them by their words." "And the Word was God." (Spoken and written) Methinks the biggest problem facing this country is illiteracy; whether it be the systematic mis-intrpretation of The Bible, or the Talmud, or the Koran, or Mao's Little Red Book, and even Mein Kampf... education is the Key to future success, just as President Barack Hussein Obama has proven... that THIS Continent holds the record as the longest-running Democracy in the World, and there are thousands, ney, MILLIONS, who still believe in Democracy, which clearly means, One person, one vote... none of us really care about the tint of one's skin, until it gets in the way of logical and reasoned political discourse: Then we care alot... Not what Reid, or Lott, or even Muhammed Ali, (in my opinion THE single Greatest Human Being ever born on US soil, who rightly acknowledged that he was The King of the World, O' so long ago), but America resisted, like it always does, r at least until they are told the Gospel Truth, then we will all be, in a hundred years, a beautiful shade of light brown. There is no Black and White in Utopia; only varying shades of grey. (Or brown, if you will...) I will live to see that day, perhaps another 50-years or so... and I personally dislike the terms, "White" or "Black" because we are all the Children of a Greater Power, and trust me on this... God is color-blind. Period.

Gary-Reginald said...

...and if you want to label me, I will give you somthing to chew on... I am a Supreme, Ultra-Deluxe Liberal, having gotten here by reading everything about History that I could get my hands on... because I knew at a very young age the power of Words: "I fear three newspapers more than ten-thousand armies." [Napoleon Bonaparte] I did read that quote when I was twelve-years-old, thanks to My Dear Departed Father, who inspired me to read at the age of three...