Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meet the Press - January 24, 2010

January 24, 2010
Valerie Jarrett - White House Advisor
Sen. Mitch McConnell - GOP Senate Leader
EJ Dionne
Peggy Noonan
Chuck Todd
Katty Kay

Gregory: Val is it true that Osama bin Laden appeared on ‘American Idol’ this week

Jarrett: he is responsible for many atrocities but we can’t verify if he wrote ‘Pants on the Ground’ or not

Gregory: what about Ben Bernanke

Jarrett: he’s failed utterly so he has our total support

Gregory: the voters of Massachusetts voted
a pickup truck into the US Senate - so will
Obama resign?

Jarrett: no Obama will fight like a crazy man

Gregory: what is his motto

Jarrett: ‘The Art of the Possible’

Gregory: that’s exciting - what else

Jarrett: ‘Fight For What You Can’

Gregory: will he finally cave in to Republicans?

Jarrett: now that’s not fair - he caved in
at the start of the process

Gregory: ok now what?

Jarrett: Obama looks to getting cooperation
with Scott Brown

Gregory: oh my god

Gregory: why push for health care reform
when no one wants it?

Jarrett: hey we prevented an economic catastrophe

Gregory: no you didn’t because there were still job losses in his first year

Jarrett: Bush didn’t create a single job in 8 years!

Gregory: yeah but he gave me a cool nickname

Jarrett: Obama told me you were a moron

Jarrett: the stimulus bill saved millions of jobs and reduced our dependence on foreign oil

Gregory: Obama seems to have found his populist voice

Jarrett: this is the New Old Obama - ‘Mad as Hell
and not Going to Take it Anymore!’

Gregory: Evan Bayh is a centrist

Jarrett: no, he’s a prick and right wing nut

Gregory: anyway he says we need to cut the debt since a black man is President

Jarrett: look Obama is the first to admit that’s tough and challenging and always reads letters people send reminding him that he’s black

Gregory: Is Obama panicking and bringing back Pluffy

Jarrett: oh no everything is hunky-dory with
Team Obama

Gregory: where is his political team

Jarrett: doing studies in the Antarctic

[ break ]

Gregory: Mitch what does the GOP want?

McConnell: the American people want us to
fix health care by ending medical lawsuits

Gregory: jesus that’s it?

McConnell: no also ban junk lawsuits

Gregory: you said that already

McConnell: also cut taxes

Gregory: what about expanding health
care coverage

McConnell: yes - we do that by cutting taxes

Gregory: how do you get young people to buy
health insurance

McConnell: cut income taxes

Gregory: is health care reform dead?

McConnell: Democrats are very arrogant - if they were in touch with American people they would win elections like we do

Gregory: you only have 41 senate seats

McConnell: the voices in my head say
‘Stop Health Care!’

Gregory: what about Ben Bernanke?

McConnell: he’s a handsome man

Gregory: what is the GOP economic plan

McConnell: cut taxes

Gregory: that’s it?

McConnell: right - in this recession small businesses are very worried about capital gains taxes

Gregory: are you serious

McConnell: Obama increased the debt which
kills jobs

Gregory: that explains why Republicans run
bad economies

McConnell: we need to cut spending

Gregory: in what?

McConnell: on black Presidents

Gregory: Jim DeMint is an obstructionist moron

McConnell: hey believe me I know

Gregory: what do you want?

McConnell: I hope Obama converts to Republicanism

Gregory: sounds like a dumb plan

McConnell: it’s all we’ve got

Gregory: you won in Massachusetts but people still
hate the GOP

McConnell: hey if the Dems are going to give elections away we’ll take it

Gregory: what’s your plan for elections

McConnell: act completely crazy

Gregory: what about the Supreme Court decision?

McConnell: finally corporations have been freed from the oppressive restrictions saying they can’t buy elections

Gregory: how will you reach out to the President?

McConnell: if he’s nice we will stop yelling epithets during his speech to Congress

Gregory: are you willing to compromise that much?

McConnell: heh not really

[ break ]

Gregory: OMG Obama outperformed Coakley
and Corzine!!

Noonan: the message is that America still doesn’t like recessions

Gregory: oh?

Noonan: also independents don’t like Obama now

Dionne: no this is just pure political incompetence

Gregory: good news then

Dionne: also they’ve lost active progressives

Gregory: that’s a relief for Democrats

Dionne: they look like Wall Street liberals

Gregory: they ARE Wall St. liberals

Dionne: yeah but you don’t want to look like that

Gregory: how do you avoid that image

Dionne: drive a pick up truck

Kay: there were valid reasons for health care and bailouts and other things but they never went out and explain it

Gregory: interesting

Kay: Obama was arrogant for using his alleged mandate to enact bold action

Gregory: such a contrast from Bush

Todd: what’s weird they are out there selling their plan a lot - and now they are dealing with anger from voters who hate things even if they don’t know why

Gregory: what does he now

Todd: run against Washington while running Washington

Gregory: the GOP does nothing but obstruct Obama

Noonan: no they proposed tort reform

Gregory: oh ok

Noonan: health care is the biggest issue

Gregory: the Republicans says it’s the economy

Noonan: never heard of them

Kay: dudes it’s only one election and Coakley
was an epic loser

Dionne: True but in 2009 the Constitution was amended to require 60 votes which is a problem for the Democrats

Todd: look they did things but unemployment is still high and that’s pretty much everything

Dionne: Obama needs to be like Reagan and speak in nonsensical parables

Gregory: he also needs have mindless optimism

Noonan: yes Reagan and Obama were both young Presidents

Gregory: um what?

Noonan: also Reagan had a clear plan - incite racial resentment, appear in front of a lot of flags and, build up the deficit and leave the problem for later

Gregory: people loved that

Kay: Obama is not clear and therefore he is
not competent

Gregory: I talked to the Dick Armey the head
Tea Party wacko and he says the Tea Party is
now the center

Todd: they’re a bunch of lunatics run by Fox News

Gregory: interesting

Todd: also the GOP politicians are all terrified of the Tea Partiers and so can’t horse trade with Obama

Gregory: Ed Rendell says Democrats should do things

Dionne: Democrats needs results more than Republicans because no one expects anything
from the GOP

Gregory: good point

Noonan: if we can take New Jersey and Massachusetts with Tea Party support we
can win anywhere

Gregory: thank you very much Peggy that says it all



ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Dionne: also they’ve lost active progressives

Gregory: that’s a relief for Democrats

Makes Fred Hiatt happy, too!

clay barham said...

The Tea Party Movement is an American tradition. It comes from a tradition of local home rule, where government was no further from the governed than one day’s horseback ride, and individual interests were more important than are community interests. That led to a more involved citizen, through town hall meetings and even vigilante movements. The Tea Party Movement is but an extension of these American traditions and perfectly correct. It is what the elite few who want to rule the many, as the current Democrat Party and many old-line Republicans, would oppose. The differences are cited in the Changing Face of Democrats, Our Libertarian Roots Lost, on Amazon and