Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Week with Barbara Walters - January 31, 2010

This Week
Barbara Walters
Scott Brown (R-Senator Elect MA)

Walters: Scott so you were a child criminal, then a nude model, in the national guard and now you are superstar non-senator - what you most proud of?

Brown: I’m proud of being transparent - for instance we could have all meetings with the President on C-SPAN and be naked

Walters: now you can filibuster everything

Brown: yes I am a Republican so I favor massive debt and overspending

Walters: that’s all?

Brown: no also I love torture

Walters: will you be President in 2012

Brown: well that sure would be a sign of the
Mayan apocalypse

Walters: should Sarah Palin be President

Brown: she’s dumb enough

Walters: you disagree with the GOP on gay fetuses

Brown: sure but I’m against fake
partial birth abortions

Walters: what about gays

Brown: yes I hate big government liberals who want to shove the gays down our throat

Walters: what do you stand for?

Brown: I stand strongly in favor of saying
Curt Schilling is not a Yankee fan

Walters: Judge Barack Obama for me

Brown: I’m glad he wants to counter the threat
to Massachusetts from Iran and also of course
in favor of drilling offshore

Walters: what spending would you cut?

Brown: we should freeze all salaries for all overpaid federal employees

Walters: Obama said he would cut taxes but
that would raise the debt

Brown: yes I would vote for it because tax cuts
are free

Walters: why not give all Americans the right
you gave to Massachusettans?

Brown: fuck the rest of America

Walters: so you would scrap the whole plan

Brown: sure let’s go back to the drawing board
and dismantle the federal government

Walters: everyone hates Bernanke

Brown: not me

Walters: please bash Tim Geithner

Brown: who is that?

Walters: you are a Lt. Col. - do you know
Donald Penobscott?

Brown: yes we had an affair in the 70s

Walters: gays in the military?

Brown: I need to speak the Generals on the ground

Walters: but Generals are not on the ground

Brown: then I would speak with Pants on the Ground

Walters: if you were a tree what kind of tree
would you be?

Brown: I would be a tree with a lot of wood

Walters: did your election bring about a new era
of happiness and joy across America?

Brown: yes it did

Walters: you replaced a giant

Brown: Ted Kennedy was a great man

Walters: but he hated you

Brown: his wife was the first person I called to gloat

Walters: your parents were married 8 times

Brown: yes it was like a working class Liz and Dick

Walters: I’m going to make you cry

Brown: no you won’t Babs

Walters: do you think God put you in Cosmo and
the Senate

Brown: of course

Walters: you were such a hunk Scott

Brown: hey John Davidson did it too!

Walters: don’t diss the Hoff!

Brown: sorry

Walters: what if a woman posed nude

Brown: Barbara please don’t

Walters: are you daughters really available?

Brown: only one them is - call me!

Walters: Simon Cowell called your other daughter
a robot

Brown: he was right - the whole family are androids

Walters: you have special relationship with
your truck

Brown: I eat in it, live in it and sleep with it

Walters: oh my

Brown: thanks Barbara

Walters: no thank you hunky



Anonymous said...

We want the Krugman - Alias roundtable.

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