Sunday, November 04, 2007

Meet the Press - November 4, 2007

Meet the Press with Tim Russert
November 4, 2007
Sen. Fred Thompson
Tom Brokaw

Russert: abortion what’s your position

Thompson: life begins at conception look at a sonogram of my recent children

Russert: abortion is murder?

Thompson: sure it is that’s my principled stance

Russert: but you believe states should be allowed to make it legal

Thompson: yeah well what are you gonna do

Russert: so murder should be legal in New York

Thompson: yeah i think it is now anyway

Russert: should two gay men get married

Thompson: well i wouldn't marry a man except maybe Ronald Reagan or John Wayne but why not

Russert: who should decide who should remove a feeding tube Tom Delay or the family?

Thompson: probably not Tom Delay

Russert: so there should be no laws involved

Thompson: well of course laws should be involved jackass

Timmeh: You're flying high with a drug dealer

Thompson: give me break do you know how hard to meet a guy with connections like that

Russert: no i don't

Thompson: look everybody flies in planes runnign for president

Russert: i don't think that's the point

Thompson: there is no proof that he has been using my campaign to run drugs

Russert: do you even want to be president

Thompson: you should meet him he's a cool guy

Russert: you look like shit are you dying

Thompson: are you're fat as hell

Russert: how's you're cancer

Thompson: i'm 100% cancer free as of today

Russert: will you release footage of your colonoscopy

Fred: hey John McCain and Rudy Giuliani are sicker than me!

Tim: fair enough

Fred: i have one of the good lymphomas

Tim: well you look awful

Fred: i expect to die soon of something else

Tim: thanks and good luck grandpa

Brokaw: i created a reunion of doods who lived through the 60's

Tim: far out man

Brokaw: even Timmeh from Nantucket who was at Woodstock

Tim: peace out dood

Brokaw: fascinating

Tim: hey i went in a Buffalo Bills jacket and a case of beer

Brokaw: you're so blue collar it hurts

Tim: why RFK and King

Brokaw: King was a true hero and Bobby changed himself and could've changed America

Tim: yur buddy was a Marine with a master's degree

Brokaw: he was a good man he was killed in Vietnam which really sucked

Tim: compare to Greatest Generation

Brokaw: the world was simple and black and white then and the 60's were so complex we still can't remember what happened

Tim: the drugs messed with our haids man

Brokaw: i still can't talk right

Tim: i still see UFOs and ask stupid question in debates

Brokaw: the horror of that time never goes away Timster

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