Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - Sunday, November 25, 2007

Matthews: does Obama have to win in iowa or is he a big looser?

Panel: he’s a looser

Brooks: he’s inspiring -- i love his sneering contempt for Hillary Clinton which all people secretly share

Nora O’D: he wants people to follow their heart!!!!

Matthews: clarence yur smiling why?

Page: he was playing rope a dope he's like muhammad ali

Matthews: ooh but he was muslim

Page: true, but not arab

Page: Obama's in a holding pattern until xmas

Matthews: everybody on earth despises Hilllary right?

Bumiller: well of course

Matthews: what else

Bumiller: iowa despises women - it's like the saudia arabia of the midwest

Matthews: well even women hate Hillary

Norah: yes but iowa is like a microcosm of America all people hate her

Matthews: hillary called Obama a child with no experience whereas she was first lady lady hugging yassir arafat's wife

Brooks: hillary has no ideas but she appeals to uneducated people

Matthews: does anyone like her

Brooks: yes because she has substance and Obama does not

Matthews: I want to fall in love with a good looking candidate

Page: Matthews that's sexist

Matthews: i was talking about Barack Obama

Matthews: the most loved person in America is Oprah

Norah: she can sell books, can she sell a black man?

Bumiller: the corn-fed overall wearing farmers won't fall for the black female billionaire

Page: this is Oprah doods - she can sway whole nations!

Matthews: OMG the governor of NJ from 20 years ago endorsed McCain - he's gonna win!!

Brooks: McCain is teh finest of men

Matthews: so true

Brooks: he can talk for 20 minutes without sounding like an idiot

Matthews: does he have personal character?

Brooks: yes because he endorsed the Surge he's risked his life on it

Matthews: he walked though that market

Brook: plus all Democrats will vote for him

Matthews: immigrants will all vote for McCain

Page: but the GOP sez he's coddling criminals

Matthews: McCain got Dems to vote for him in 2000 but Obama will do that this time

Norah: McCain is done for but maybe he will after all

Matthews: bold statement Norah

Brooks: Rudy's record on assholeness will be released next month

Matthews: this could go into the spring i see many erections ahead for me and if there is a brokered convention i will ejaculate on live teevee

Panel: oh wow

Matthews: tell me something cool!

Norah: Emily and her list will take down Obama

Page: Oprah is-

Matthews: I love it!!

Page: obama wil bring out ellen is Oprah doesn't pan out

Bullimer: dick cheney hates peace

Brooks: we aren't going to war with iran

Matthews: fuck

Page: edwards is a spoiler and takes votes from Obama

Bumiller: i don't want to count him out - but i will

Brooks: but will blacks actually vote?

Matthews: it’s so exiting I can’t wait!!!

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