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This Week with George Stephanopoulos - November 4, 2007

This Week with George Stephanopoulos
November 4, 2007
Guest: Senator John Edwards

George Stephanopoulos: what's your problem with Lieberman Iran Are All Crazy Terrorists resolution?

Sen. John Edwards: it's obviously an attempt by the crazies to gin up an attack on Iran

Stephanopoulos: but the Revolutionary Guards are bad guys

Edwards: are you crazy Bush is going to start a war with Iran

Stephanopoulos: but it puts pressure on Iran!

Edwards: no it gives Bush permission to bomb Iran

Stephanopoulos: but they are terrorists don't you care???

Edwards: i care about stopping Commander Stupid before he kills us all

Stephanopoulos: can you win

Edwards: i'm the only one who can win in North Carolina

Stephanopoulos: but the polls have you behind there

Edwards: yeah but I'm cute

Stephanopoulos: you keep hinting Dems would be nuts to vote for a black man or a woman

Edwards: look we have to win in 2008 and there are a lot of people who will only vote for a white southern male

Stephanopoulos: ah

Stephanopoulos: you have no money

Edwards: when i'm the nominee i will have beaten celebrities Obama and Hillary and then I will beat the rich dude Romney

Stephanopoulos: you remind me of karl rove why can't we unite America like we did when we all loved Rudy Giuiani

Edwards: i'm trying to unite America behind me!

Stephanopoulos: that seems so egotistical -- why can't you be a good democrat and be submissive and concede the election now

Edwards: i'm sure the media would love that but I intend of seizing the government back from rich elitists

[ break ]
Stephanopoulos: is Hillary's campaign dead?

George Will: she is slippery

Stephanopoulos: she danced around on illegals

Dionne: there is an angry minority will vote on this issue alone and so sad they would probably have voted for her and now they won't

Stephanopoulos: sure they would have

Dionne: it’s weird she owned that debate until the last few minutes

Stephanopoulos: what else

Dionne: Edwards needed to make himself the story and now he has

Brownstein: this is the moment to make a move it's now or never for every who is NotHillary

Stephanopoulos: so we can write her off

Brownstein: no she will be the nominee

Gerson: plus this is good because unlike obama or edwards she doesn't hate america and is appealing to all-important wingnut vote

Stephanopoulos: we have no women on the panel of course so we'll have to turn to the closest example George Will what say you

Will: when i was at the manicurist the other day with my girlfriends they all said they love hillary

Dionne: but when i was at a pillow fight Saturday the girls said they don't like that she wants to leave a residual force in Iraq

Brownstein: but i was at the salon and some of the women like Obama

Stephanopoulos: my black friends say that too

Brownstein: non-college women will put her over the top that's what my chick friends at the bowling alley say

Stephanopoulos: the country wants changes this is good news for the Republicans

Gerson: actually i disagree i think the Dems are clearly the change types

Stephanopoulos: well how can we save the GOP??

Gerson: they're in a funk -- they're bummed we need a candidate to remake the image of the party like we do every time we run for President

Will: all elections are change elections so yeah i expect the Democrats to win in 2008

Stephanopoulos: this is bad news for the Dems! Can they blow it??

Dionne: the Republicans are doomed

Stephanopoulos: will no one show the GOP love??

Gerson: look at SCHIP it's so dumb

Brownstein: all politics is bad!

Stephanopoulos: why is that?

Brownstein: it's the ‘Great Sorting Out’

Stephanopoulos: man that's catchy

Brownstein: we need a man to unite America!

Stephanopoulos: Rudy Giuliani!

Will: i want us to lose i prefer to bitch from a minority position

Stephanopoulos: what about a magic negro?

Dionne: but bloggers don't want that

Stephanopoulos: what do they want?

Dionne: Hillary cause she's a fighter

Gerson: this election will turn who is stronger on AIDS and malaria in Africa

Brownstein: there's a picket fence divide and you don't want to sit on the middle of that one

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