Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ron Paul on Joe Scarborough - Nov. 27

Joe Scarborough in the Morning
November 27, 2007
Guest: Rep. Ron Paul

Joe: dood u raised $4 million on the internet

Ron Paul: people hate teh war and the deficiet

Joe: yeah but the interent is only the interent yur support can't be real you're like Howard Dean

Ron Paul: yeah but look at John McCain or Fred Thompson they have no money and no one likes them

Mika: why don't you drop out after all you are a complete lunatic

Paul: that's why i won't drop out darling

Joe: But Mika he's raising $4 million per day!!!!

Paul: i didn't plan to have all this money now I'm trying to figure out how to spend it

Joe: like what

Paul: someone told me that New Hampshire is a state I'm going to check it out

Joe: people like you because all the other candidates are not real conservatives

Paul: i have Greenies and Democrats too

Geist: you were endorsed by the Bunny Ranch Owner

Paul: i love freedom man

Joe: stay away from Tucker Carlson dood

Paul: i don't trust that twerp

Mika: we're about to deluged with e-mail from his crazy supporters

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