Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hardball with Chris Matthews - Friday, November 21, 2007

Hardball with Chris Matthews
Friday, November 21, 2007

Tweety: did cheney lie about outing valerie plame

Shuster: of course he did

Tweety: wow

Shuster: McClellan said he knew Rove was innocent because it was public knowledge


Journalist: how do you know rove is a good guy

Scottie: i did a mind-meld with him dood

Journalist: what about scooter libby

Scottie: i dunno

Cheney: clear scooter or i will put a horse's head in yur bed dood

Scottie: it was all rumor and innuendo and no important member of this white house would be involved in the leak

Journalist: r u sure dood

Scottie: yeah

[end tape]

Tweety: so sad Libby took the fall awwwwww......

Savannah: yes so very sad he took the fall his good name is in tatters and he's a convicted felon

Tweety: why would he lie??

Savannah: he's so fucking heroic we should be build a statue to him

Tweety: the Scooter Memorial -- it would show a pasty white guy falling on a sword and being caught at the last second by a George Bush

Schuster: well now we know that George Bush actively lied to Scottie McClellan

Tweety: so sad Scooter Libby's lawyer couldn't defend his criminal client when he was just a good soldier

Savannah: Fitzgerald hid behind the law and didn't litigate the war so unfair

Tweety: Bush commuted his sentence - is that justice or a conspiracy to obstruct justice?

Shuster: teh big story Cheney and Rove lied to President Stupid

Tweety: Is Bush a liar or ignorant?

Shuster: why not both?

Tweety: awesome

Matthews: WaPo buried the story on page 15 - oh well it's only lies to destroy American security

Schuster: smuggled nukes

Matthews: Scotty is such a tease

Isikoff: that's very nice tweety

Matthews: i call him my little sugarplum

Isikoff: Rove lied to Scott McClellan

Matthews: Shocking!

Isikoff: will he mention this in his book - we don't know

Matthews: Wilson was the leading critic of the war

Isikoff: really?

Matthews: that's how i remember it

Milbank: let's face it Scottie wasn't exactly in the loop

Matthews: President Bush is very smart

Isikoff: let's not go overboard

Matthews: bush commuted the sentence of the guy who could finger him for a crime

Isikoff: in their defense they never saw this case a very big deal

Matthews: but it is a big deal!

Isikoff: Wilson was a partisan dood who attacked our precious war

Matthews: he was fair game!

Isikoff: yes in their defense they didn't want to admit they were liars or incompetent

Matthews: yes back then war was so lovely

Matthews: i want to get inside the baby cask of amontillado

Milbank: it would be stupid not to pardon Libby

Shuster: Bush camps says their treason is old news

Matthews: god these guys are good -- they have shut this story down even though it's about criminality in the white house - bravo Mr. Bush!

Shuster: i sense sarcasm there tweetybird

Matthews: no i admire them -- after all life is a campaign of lying and deceit


Hillary: Obama is only 10 years old that’s too young

Obama: Hillary and Rummy and Bush and Cheney are all disasters

Matthews: guns on campus what could go wrong!

Obama: i used drugs

Rudy: haven't we all

Romney: kids always do what the president does - that's the why the President should always lie

Matthews: i tell all my kids my mistakes in life

Shuster: the stuff of nightmares

Matthews: the truth hurts man

Bolton: the world’s most dangerous weapons cant be in teh hands of most dangerous people

Matthews: you’re saying Bush shouldn’t be President?

Bolton: we should invade Iran

Matthews: but the iraq was a total disaster

Bolton: sure in hindsight

Matthews: should we have put Chalabi in charge

Bolton: hey i was always against the occupation!

Matthews: were you really?

Bolton: hey colin powell was all gung-ho for invading and i was all like ‘no way bad idea dood’!

Matthews: really i thought you were a hawk

Bolton: who me? no i hate nation building!

Matthews: oh ok

Brown University Expert: attacking iran is very bad idea

Tweety: it’s risk free for them

Brown University Expert: no but risky for us

Bolton: i want to avoid war

Tweety: no you don't!

Bolton: they are teh central banker for international terrorism

Tweety: so should we attack?

Bolton: sure - life is about choices

Tweety: like you “chose” to avoid in serving in teh military

Bolton: right

Expert: the military are against attacking Iran

Bolton: fuck them

Matthews: you think Elections are Magic

Bolton: no that's President George W Stupid

Matthews: do you want Iran to hate us or have nuclear weapons

Brown University Expert: it's crazy they *don't* have nukes and they *do* hate us

Matthews: if we bomb Iran won't the people hate us??

Bolton: no! The Iranians are smart enough to understand that if we bomb the shit out of them we do it out of love

Matthews: you are fucking insane - you thought we would be greeted with flowers

Bolton: no i always felt we should not invade Iraq

Matthews: god you're cuckoo


Joan Walsh: the NYT and WaPo are covering up this story - Scott McClellan is telling us the President is a liar and a criminal!

Brownstein: fascinating point McClellan is not being clear with us

Tweety: interesting

Brownstein: recall Scotty worked for Governor Bush he won't turn on him

Tweety: what about Shotgun Dick?

Brownstein: he’s fair game

Matthews: we are in teh middle of arabia and it's very scary and it's all because of piss-poor journalism!!

audience: does your dressing room even have a mirror dood?

Matthews: i'm so excited the election day is almost here

Bailey: it's hard to pole people in the caucus

Matthews: women hate hillary

Brownstein: well they do see her a lot

Matthews: why don't they like her

Brownstein: she's shrill and mean

Matthews: she went after Obama for having experience with a broad

Bailey: bad move

Matthews: women only do well when there's a large body of water nearby i think it’s the monthly tides or something

Walsh: why did i agree to come on this insane show?

Matthews: happy thanksgiving everyone whatever u do it can't be weirder than mine

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