Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show - November 11, 2007

The Chris Matthews Show
November 11, 2007

Matthews: i want to fall in love with mah candidate!

Rather: we need a nice person as president

Matthews: Obama is too nice

Rather: right

Norris: he's smiling and she just wags her finger

Matthews: cool

Norris: as a black man he can't be angry

Matthews: i fear the angry black man

Kay: but as woman she has to be tough

Matthews: she's scary

Fineman: Obama is hanging back and playing it cool

Rather: he's black you know

Matthews: really!?

Fineman: it's not race it's about experience

Norris: bullshit fool-- it's always about race

Matthews: for once in America we cannot think about race - because Hillary is a hippopotamus in the bathtub

Matthews: Rudy is really likeable

Fineman: he's not scary like Jerry Seinfeld

Rather: he's like a steak he tender and tough

Kay: he's an utter lunatic

Rather: he's frank perdue it takes a tough man to make a tender city

Matthews: Rudy agrees with Pat Robertson that lesbians are behind 9/11

Rather: they want to win -- Pat Robertson will watch lesbians have sex day and night if that's what a takes

Matthews: what a hero

Matthews: why the love between Pat "I hate Pagans" Robertson and Rudy??

Norris: it's all about hating minorities and poor people and slutty women

Kay: anti-abortion activists can't stand Rudy

Matthews: so they will vote against him

Kay: oh no because Hillary will impose gayness on your children

Matthews: why can he flip-flop and Hillary can't?

Fineman: because you're a total asshole Matthews

Kay: he's selling fear of Osama and fear of the Vagina

Rather: that will win - Rudy has pledged to seize America's pure uteruses and convert them to Christianity

Kay: Virginia is the new Ohio

Audience: Meaning the Democrats will be leading and the GOP will steal it??

Rather: college students may not be able to vote for Obama

Fineman: i don't know which campaign will be caught in a scandal but one will

Matthews: why don’t you know?

Fineman: i haven't gotten David Broder's memo yet

Matthews: action on global warming?

Kay: no you americans are all selfish tossers

Rather: congress act - you must be kidding

Norris: it's like immigration it will be about fear and not doing anything

Fineman: electric cars? No they burn coal!

Matthews: so what's you answer hairspray?

Fineman: cars that burn wood that would be awesome

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