Sunday, November 25, 2007

Meet The Press - November 25, 2007

Meet The Press - Sunday, November 25, 2007
Guests: James Carville, Mary Matalin,
Bob Shrum, and Mike Murphy

Mary Matalin : best thing that could happen to hillary is lose iowa

Tim Russert: why

Matalin: she's like Rocky she's needs to be hit a few times in order get angry enough to win

Russert: but in the meantime Obama would hurt her

Matalin: yeah but Obama is a terrible candidate i'm very concerned about this

Mike Murphy: the Empress has no clothes on

Bob Shrum: she's has run a good campaign look at all those planted questions - genius

James Carville: Obama has no mandate - hillary has a much more ambitious fake health plan

Russert: but she wouldn't answer the most crucial question facing america - driver's licenses for people who can drive

Murphy: she's weak and not charsimatic and not likeable that's the magic fairy dust which Romney clearly has

Russert: karl rove and Bush like her

Matalin: she suffers from front-runnerism which is why she's needs to lose to find her authentic voice

Shrum: ted kennedy, john kerry and al gore could decide this election

Russert: no one trusts her and men hate her

Carville: it's a problem

Murphy: she's going to lose because she's polarizing

Russert: Hillary says Edwards is throwing mud and Obama says hey I lived in a foreign country when i was growing up and hillary says he's a like a little kid -- she's using the RNC talking points

Hillary: we can't afford on the job training

Obama: what the fuck is her experience anyway

Matalin: Democrats only have one foreign policy - hating America

Carville: let me respond to that by shilling for Hillary

Russert: Obama’s saying Hillary didn't do anything in the 1990s

Shrum: uh-

Russert: on the other hand she is married to Bill Clinton

Murphy: he's fresh and very clean

Elizabeth Edwards: Hillary won't shake things up

Russert: Edwards is very aggresive

Shrum: Hillary says any attack on her is like the GOP Attack Machine of the Clinton years

Russert: 70% of people hate everyone

Shrum: Edwards is Hillary’s BFF he's protecting her from Obama

Russert: wow

Shrum: the debates will be crucial

Carville: in iowa change happens big and it happens late - it's like my puberty

Russert: ha ha

Matalin: Hillary will be drag people to the caucus and force them to vote for her

Russert: wow she is evil

Carville: hey at least the Democrats have candidate who don't belong in a mental health facility

Russert: who do people hate her?

Carville: cause it's an election stupid

Shrum: i am the great apostle and i say that underlying factors matter

Russert: you just blew my mind

Russert: wow Romney and Huckabee doing well in Iowa

Panel: heh heh

Russert: no one trusts Rudy Giuliani

Murphy: yes it's very open - Romney's got a problem even though he's leading

Russert: Huck has got the creationist vote that's key

Murphy: a damaged Romney goes into New Hampshire which will mean Rudy wins

Russert: what happened to your BFF Fred Thompson

Matalin: he's the same old wonderful wacko dood

Russert: ok

Matalin: Huckabee is a tax and spend liberal

Shrum: Fred obviously sucks so Romney has got to take down Huckster

Russert: why is Huckabee so strong?

Shrum: he's likeable and wants to put women in prison for using their own bodies

Russert: that's adorable

Murphy: i think Romney's real danger comes from Rudy they are both going after the same vote

Tim: Thompson is not getting any votes

Matalin: i hate beltway bloviators

Russert: and my kettle hates black pots baby

Matalin: Fred is rolling out detailed plans!! Conservatives unlike liberals actually care about substance!

Russert: so why is Fred losing

Matalin: he isn't - he's winning!

Russert: but only in fantasyland

Matalin: which is where Republicans live!

Murphy: we can bring Fred back to life is we use jumper cables

Shrum: things could change

Matalin: people love guns it's a lifestyle thing like being gay or cross dressing which Rudy has also done

Russert: all the women in my family pack heat

Matalin: well of course they do fathead

David Brooks: Rudy is a shining light of optimism in this land - he loved immigrants in 1996

Rudy: we should build a fence to electrocute non english speaking immigrants

Murphy: awwww… so sad they are right but there are a lot of knuckleheads in their primary

Russert: so of course they have to lie therefore I won't mention it again

Shrum: look hispanics already hate the GOP they might as well make electric fences a campaign issue

Matalin: democrats have hurt themselves with black votes

Shrum: oh you are such a lying whack job Mary Matalin

Rusert: who is better on crime and taxes - Romney or Rudy?

Matalin: neither my employer Fred Thompson - look at his magic policy proposals

Russert: but his record is in Hollywood

Matalin: Rudy is a gay loving bad man

Carville: it’s the economy stupid

Russert: no. please assess the race honestly sir

Rusert: why don't you say that to Mary Matalin?

Russert: because she is a conservative you know Meet the Press has two standards

Murphy: the race is between Romney and Rudy and Huckabee and Fred Thompson and McCain who hates politics

Matalin: you don't what will happen Fred could come in fifth in iowa and still win in the south and heartland

Russert: but iowa is in the heartland

Matalin: Fred Thomspson will win dammit!!!!!

Timmeh: happy anniversary crazy people

Matalin: i can't believe i married this bald wacko

Carville: hey honey it's a paid gig suck it up


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