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Meet The Press - August 12, 2007

Meet The Press
August 12, 2007
Guest Host: David Gregory
Guests: Markos Moulitsas and Harold Ford

Gregory plays Ford Quote:

[ Centrism Rulz!! Republicans are Teh Best!!! ]

Ford: i luv Kos he's teh new Limbaugh and thats awesome but let's be honest the real reason for 2006 is Commander Stupid not teh netrootz

Gregory: you hate lefties

Ford: they all suck -- they have no values, they hate America, families, god, the troops and they're big spending liberals

Gregory plays Kos Quote:
[ we rule, they suck and it's our party now ]

Kos: give me a break the DLC has a 20 year record of losing - in 2002 we had a new approach - passion and be honest

Gregory: but you're a liberal!!!

Kos: it's not about me jackass

Gregory: what's your advice to candidates?

Kos: be honest about your passions and let the chips fall where they may

Ford: i believe Democrats should take every single issue and triangulate it and issue vague-sounding pleasing statements about flag waving and bullshit like that

Gregory: Kos why do hate the war on terror?

Kos: i was told you’re a toadying dick, david gregory

Gregory: hey that’s not civil

Kos: hey big surprise Americans want their bridges to stay up

Ford: that bridge collapse is not my fault!

Kos: dood when you cut taxes what do you think happens

Ford: but look at my pretty triangle!!

Gregory: Gays! Hippies! Abortion!

Ford: hey i'm the reform guy look at the DLC we’re in ur house crashing yur gates - we're crazy wacky and successful

Kos: excuse me aren't you unemployed?

Ford: in my defense i had no idea how Iraq would turn out so only people like me can be trusted on national security

Gregory: Gay marriage! War! Freaks! You're all weirdos! The Democrats don’t get along do they

Kos: there zero disagreement about pulling out of Iraq

Gregory: but *how* do you pull out

Kos: like, leave dood

Ford: i reduced crime and balanced the budget

Kos: I am squishing your head

Ford: not fair Kos you can't have it both ways

Kos: squish squish

Ford: stop that

Kos: seeing Obama become a national figure you must die a little inside

Ford: you can only win elections acting like a right wing nut!

Kos: how's you buddy don imus haven't heard much from him lately either

Ford: i was his magic negro!

Ford [recovers]: the DLC is superior in electability!

Kos: dood you lost

Ford: my powder is so fucking dry it's amazing

Kos: you go on Fox news and attack me

Ford: why do you hate jews markos

Kos: yeah whatever asshole

Gregory: you hate Hillary Clinton

Kos: first let me say she's warm and smart and she gave us our propers and look you know 90,000 supporters is still pretty good

Ford: look this is simple -- these dirty bloggers need to learn their place and agree with us and a big tent party create unity and then everything will be fine

Kos: that's what i've been trying to do on my massive website buddy - and who showed up at your DLC convention?? - oh right i almost forgot - nobody did


Gregory: Float like a Butterfly Sting Like a Huckabee

Byron York: Romney bought this election in Iowa

Gregory: what about Huck?

York: yeah he rulez he spent $2.65 on this race

Greogry: per voter?

York: no overall

Chuck Todd: It's all Huckabee this morning poor guy had no money and Norquist attacked him

Mike Duffy: Romney is now the big dog in the race luckily for us in media they all have great flaws and will go after each other

Margaret Carlson: Romney goofed by buying it so openly Huckabee actually has people who like him

York: in 2004 he discovered he loved fetuses

Gregory: your hair looks very nice this morning

Byron: you too Gregster

Todd: what no props for my manicured beard -- you think this just happens???

Gregory: Chuck what about the election?

Todd: the winner of South Carolina either Romney or Rudy will win the nomination

McCain: yes to Imus, no Bonds

Duffy: i doubt he can come back

Carlson: Rudy has descended into the Twilight zone of Delusions he thinks he prevented a Third Tower from falling

Byron's Hair: Thompson is an actor and that translates to real leadership

Todd: He's running as George W. Bush

Gregory: well that's doesn't sound like a good idea at all

Duffy: Fred Thompson is actually a hologram

Carlson: they can't embrace Bush but they can't attack him either the crazies still love him

York: Romney blew a gasket last week on the radio and said i'm running as a person of faith not a Mormon

Gregory: this week Dems went to hang out with the gays are the crazies taking out the party

Carlson: no those liberals are now the mainstream on gays and labor

Todd: the right wing attacks suggest that Hillary is a lefty it's amazing

Gregory: her cleavage is a wedge issue

Todd: Iowa is panicking wants to move to December 2007 but New Hampshire can move it to Saturday

Gregory: in January 2008?

Todd: no next Saturday

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